Scripture Union Daily Guide for 19th April 2021 – The Power Of Proximity

Scripture Union Daily Guide 19th April 2021 - The Power Of Proximity

Scripture Union Daily Guide for 19th April 2021 – The Power Of Proximity

Read Scripture Union Daily Guide for Today Monday 19 April 2021. May you be blessed by today’s reading.

TOPIC: THE POWER OF PROXIMITY ( Also See Scripture Union Daily Guide 18th April 2021)

Opening Prayer: Open my eyes O Lord that I might behold wondrous things from your word in Jesus name.

Scripture: Matthew 13:10-17

Question(s) for Reflection:
• What is God revealing to me in this passage?


Notice the distinction between the way Jesus addressed His disciples and the way He addressed the masses (vs.11-12). Can you say with confidence that the secrets of the kingdom have been given to you? Jesus calls all His disciples His friends (John 15:15) and brethren (John 20:17). Being close to someone means one can easily and more closely access the person’s life.

This will explain the reason the disciples had the privilege of knowing the secrets of the Kingdom. The more we interact with the world around us, the more we see how shallow people can be in their knowledge of the Bible even on the pulpit. This is not a new phenomenon. Right from the Old Testament days, people’s attitudes to the Word of God have tended to be shallow.

What are the qualities of good students of the Word of God that we can observe from this passage? That the disciples ask questions whenever their teacher is not clear enough is a good example for us. We notice that the crowd in vs.13-16 was never in Jesus’ close circle. They saw and heard but failed to understand the mysteries of the Kingdom.

• Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Closing Prayer:
• Thank you, Lord, for calling me friend and revealing the secrets of the Kingdom to me.
• Thank God for the effect of witnessing in converting sinners to faith in Christ Jesus; bless His name for your salvation.
Offer a prayer of faith in line with Numbers 6:24-26
• Dan. 3-4; Rev. 6

Thank you for reading Today’s Scripture Union Daily Guide 19th April 2021. God bless you!

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