Relationship Guide: Why Do Men Cheat?

Relationship Guide: Why Do Men Cheat

Sometimes you might wonder and ask this question, ” Why do men cheat their spouse?”. Severally you might also ponder to get the reason why the majority of men indulge in such act of infidelity; making them compromise their integrity and honour in the pursuit of what is in between the two legs.

Well, ponder no more and think no, for I will give you the desiring answer, why men cheat their wives. If you ain’t in any relationship; courtship or marriage then you may not understand the pain and trauma women go through when the so called man cheat. It is so painful and traumatic.

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But most times women are the key-player to the cheating attitude. The beautiful wife or fiancee contributes to the process without knowing she does. Now, let me break it down.

Any man who cheats you should check this factors

Why Do Men Cheat?

Romantic fatigue: This is caused by the inability of the woman taking note of her husband or spouse inner desire to have her intimately. I am sure she must have overlooked this aspect which is the sweet side of marriage. and this lazy attitude must have compelled the man to look for alternative.

For every relationship to last longer, it needs nourishment from both parties. Therefore, it requires 50% from each party to contribute. Sex activities is not just the responsibility of one but the two players involved. If you starve a woman of sex she might not come out openly to state it in most cases because woman is weak and shy to say the sex-thing. But for the set of women who must have known the in and out of it never keep quiet when they need your touch. They react in different ways because their hormones differ. This also apply to the man.

A man can easily walk away from home under the pretence that things are okay but often time carried away with what they see outside. You might be reluctant to service your spouse but always remember that some woman out there is ready to do the task. Yes, you should be aware of it. There are tens, hundreds and thousands of hungry women battling for and to engage peoples’ property I mean the MAN. So, you should be careful to take care of his emotional need, don’t feel weak, tired or reluctant to devote your skills to him. So do it to the best of your knowledge to keep the man you have.

Why Do Men Cheat?

Filthy Lifestyle: This is another factor that make men cheat. Take for instance, Mary dresses well and nice, applies perfume when necessary before getting or marrying John. But after the hook and the celebrated marriage, Mary decides to slow down. After all she isn’t looking for a man again or hustling to grab one. Therefore, no need for all these “effyzy” so she said. But she forgets that, she been neat, good and sexy is the attraction that took place when he found her. So, John seeing another a different Mary in his house is quite emotional devastating.

Ok, so he said. Since Mary no longer be the Mary I used to know, I think I should go out there look for the Mary I first met. He goes out, sees different Marys and start trying out to see if he can get her Mary. Don’t forget that are Marys with different shape, curves, attitude, well-dressed and charming out there. They will get hold of him and give him all styles you may never think of and step by step he slips away leaving you in the cold.

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Know it that men are moved by sight (with their eyes) so they are easily carried away. Therefore, you should make sure you keep fit – dress well, keep your tight and curves intact if that is what moves him. The point is, you must know what moves him, what triggers him as well. Do allow the outside woman do it for you. When you take note of this then you must follow it up well.

Like I said earlier, give it to him the way he wants it or the way you think best and keep him closer to yourself. There are other facts that make men cheat but these are the common ones you should take care of.

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