Our Daily Manna ODM 31 May 2021 Monday – Moved By Faith! Not By Facts!

Our Daily Manna ODM 31 May 2021 Monday - Moved By Faith! Not By Facts!

Our Daily Manna ODM 31 May 2021 Monday – Moved By Faith! Not By Facts!



ODM TODAY 31/05/2021 SCRIPTURES: HEBREWS 11 : 21-31; ROMANS 10 : 1-1

OUTLINE: Gloria Copeland said, “You cannot stand effectively on ‘blind’ faith. You must have a ‘knowing’ faith and that comes from believing wholeheartedly what the WORD promises. You know God has spoken it and declared it to be so, and you know you can depend on it.” That is today’s 2nd scripture! Faith is the tree that grows on the soil of the knowledge that you have. The more you know the Word of God, the more your faith grows (Romans 10: 17).

Our Daily Manna ODM 31 May 2021 Monday Devotional

The more you know the promises of God, the more your faith grows. That is the importance of pages 38 and 39 of this booklet! Faith That Overcomes The World Is Faith That Sees The Word. Your Faith Cannot Be Focused On The World And Expect To Overcome The World. To Overcome The World, Your Faith Must Be Focused On Only One Thing And One Person – THE WORD.

Hear Rex Rouis, “Always remember, you are just one ‘hearing’ away from faith, just one ‘knowing’ away from peace, and just one ‘action’ away from total victory.” So, keep on hearing the Word and faith, PEACE and victory will grow SPEEDILY. Yes! BE MOVED BY FAITH – THE WORD and not by FACTS – WHAT YOU SEE! 2021 is your year and your victory will be very LOUD/ OPEN as in the cases of the heroes/heroines of faith in today’s first scripture! Amen and amen! Pray seriously now! MANNA AIR BRIGADE!

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ODM Prayer Points!
1. Take Song 3: When the morning…
2. In your own words, pray about today’s word as led now.
3. I receive GRACE to spend MORE time with the WORD this year! I receive GRACE to FINISH my Bible this year!
4. Father, open my eyes of understanding, cause me to see the truth of Your WORD again in Jesus name.
5. I decree: I am moved by FAITH and not by FACTS – what I see! I shall STUDY the WORD and faith shall grow in me.
6. I refuse to be moved by WHAT I SEE! I am MOVED by WHAT I READ IN THE WORD this year in Jesus name.
7. Every demonic voice trying to steal my attention off the Word of God; be SILENCED in Jesus name. Pray about today! CANCEL SORROW!

Thanks for reading Our Daily Manna ODM 31 May 2021 Monday – Moved By Faith! Not By Facts! written by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe for Champions.

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