Our Daily Manna ODM 10th June 2021 – Don’t Turn Your Back On These 3!

Our Daily Manna 10 June 2021 ODM Devotional - Don't Turn Your Back On These 3!

Our Daily Manna ODM 10th June 2021 – Don’t Turn Your Back On These 3!



SCRIPTURES FOR ODM 10 JUNE 2021: JUDGES 16: 1-1, 1 SAMUEL 15: 1-1

Start today’s devotional with this wisdom arrow, “Never turn your back on the Lord, because only He is your Rock and salvation; Never turn your back on the devil, because that will make you vulnerable to his attacks; Never turn your back on your friends, in time of need, because that’s when they need your loving support.” These three things are extremely important.

It’s very easy and simple to turn your back on the Lord; Lot’s wife turned her back on the Lord. How? By turning her back on God’s instruction. The angels told them, ‘do not look back’ (Genesis 19:17). But she could not resist that temptation. She looked back and that was the end. Samson turned his back on God when he allowed himself to be pressured into breaking his vow to God.

In Judges 16:16, Delilah ‘pressed him daily with her words, and urged him, so that his soul was vexed unto death’. PEOPLE DON’T JUST BACKSLIDE ACCIDENTALLY AND SUDDENLY. It happens slowly and subtly. Day by day, this woman pressed Samson, THE ANOINTED MAN OF GOD, until he gave in. Beware of evil associations. Resist friendships that put you under pressure to turn your back on God and on His plans and purposes for you.

Remember the words of Andy Hickton again, “NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON THE LORD – HE IS YOUR ROCK AND SALVATION.” Don’t let the devil take you away from that solid, unshakable ground of God’s unending MERCY. Stay with Him and keep your focus on Him. Hold on to Him and He will establish you in your place of honour and glory (To be continued tomorrow).

THIS SATURDAY, 12TH JUNE IS Time Out with BISHOP CHRIS: Theme: “Mental Health issues: How do I deal with Depression, anxiety, handling grief, fears/phobias, especially in these times?” Time: 10.00 a.m. Send in your questions ahead before that day to: orderodm@gmail.com

ODM Daily Manna 10th June Prayer Points!
1. Take Song 3: When the morning…
2. Pray over today’s word as it has ministered to you.
3. Every negative relationship destined to turn me against my God, scatter by fire now, in the name of Jesus.
4. Every demonic ‘Delilah’ assigned to me to destroy me and my ministry, be struck with blindness NOW, in Jesus name.

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