Our Daily Bread 19th June 2021 Saturday – Bigger Than Our Problems

Our Daily Bread 19 June 2021 Today Devotional - Bigger Than Our Problems
Our Daily Bread 19 June 2021 Today Devotional – Bigger Than Our Problems



Bible in a Year: Nehemiah 12–13; Acts 4:23–37

Key Verse: “Look at Behemoth, which I made along with you.” – Job 40:15

Today’s Scripture: Job 40:15–24

Insight: Our Daily Bread 19 June 2021 Today Devotional
In the midst of his pain (Job 1–3), Job seeks to understand why he has to suffer so much. Instead of explaining why He allowed evil to exist or human beings to suffer (chs. 4–37), God confronted and confounded Job and asked him if he knew how the world and its creatures were created, controlled, and cared for. Job 38–42 is not an explanation of why man has to suffer, but a revelation of who God is! God reveals Himself as Creator (ch. 38), Sustainer (ch. 39), and Controller of all creation (chs. 40–42). Job didn’t need to fully understand God’s ways, for no one can (Isaiah 55:8–9). He only needed to humble himself (Job 42:1–5), trust God fully, and fear and revere Him (37:23–24). By: K. T. Sim

Message For Our Daily Bread 19 June 2021 Devotional

What do you imagine dinosaurs looked like when they were alive? Big teeth? Scaly skin? Long tails? Artist Karen Carr recreates these extinct creatures in large murals. One of her panoramas is over twenty feet tall and sixty feet long. Because of its size, it required a crew of experts to install it in sections where it resides in the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History.

It would be hard to stand in front of this mural without feeling dwarfed by the dinosaurs. I get a similar sensation when I read God’s description of the powerful animal called “Behemoth” (Job 40:15). This big guy munched grass like an ox and had a tail the size of a tree trunk. His bones were like iron pipes. He lumbered through the hills grazing, stopping occasionally to relax at the local swamp. When floodwaters surged, Behemoth never raised an eyebrow.

No one could tame this incredible creature—except its Maker (v. 19). God reminded Job of this truth during a time when Job’s problems had cast ominous shadows over his life. Grief, bewilderment, and frustration filled his field of vision until he began to question God. But God’s response helped Job see the real size of things. God was bigger than all his issues and powerful enough to handle problems that Job couldn’t resolve on his own. In the end, Job conceded, “I know that you can do all things” (42:2). By: Jennifer Benson Schuldt

Reflection: Which is bigger, your worst problem or the God who made everything? How does your view of God affect the way in which you handle problems?

Prayer: Dear God, I believe You can help me with the things I’m facing today. Help me to be open to Your power and goodness when I feel overwhelmed by trouble.

Thank you for reading Today’s Our Daily Bread 19th June 2021 Today Devotional – Bigger Than Our Problems. God bless you!

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