ODM Online 28 April 2021 Devotional – The Golden Fish: Give Your Best Always

ODM Online 28 April 2021 Devotional - The Golden Fish: Give Your Best Always

ODM Online 28 April 2021 Devotional – The Golden Fish: Give Your Best Always

Read Our Daily Manna for Wednesday 28th April 2021 ODM Devotional for The Champions written by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe


Scriptures: ESTHER 6:1-1


I once read a story about a family that arrived at a hotel after travelling for hours. Everyone was tired and stressed out including the two kids. As part of their services, many hotels in that country used to provide goldfish in their hotel rooms to serve as a source of entertainment, especially for the children that came with their parents. When they got to the counter, the first question the kids asked was, “Do you have a goldfish in the room?” The receptionist answered, ‘NO.’ Everyone was discouraged and downcast.

A cleaner that was preparing to go home overheard the disappointment of the kids and thought of what to do. He quickly walked about twenty minutes to the nearest hotel that had goldfish in their rooms. He asked to loan just one of the fish and came back to give to their guests. The family was thrilled and the father took time to appreciate the cleaner. He then asked him, “Why did you go through all that stress?” The man’s answer was simple, “I know how things work with kids. When my kids are unhappy, my wife is unhappy.

And when my wife is unhappy, I am unhappy. It’s bad to be stuck in one hotel room with kids that are unhappy and a wife that is stressed out and unhappy. I just wanted to do all I could to make your time here fun…” That man gave his best. Giving your best sometimes may mean that you do what you can to ease someone’s burden. Resolve to give your best today and in 2021. It may cost you, but in the long run, God will see it and will one day cause the book of remembrance to be opened in your favour.

The same God that caused Mordecai’s good work to be remembered will cause your good works to be remembered and you will be rewarded richly. Pray seriously now! Join us online today for“THE MORNING FIRE with Bishop Chris”. Time: 6am-7am (Nigeria time). Log on to these prophetic prayers-to-start-your-day, via our new official FACEBOOK PAGE – “OUR DAILY MANNA WORLDWIDE.” START FOLLOWING THAT PAGE NOW!

1. Take Song 2: Draw me nearer…
2. Pray over today’s word as it has ministered to you.
3. Father, I yield myself to You as a vessel unto honour. Make me a blessing to people everywhere I go. Pray about this new quarter seriously now!
4. Every evil plot from hell, designed to stop the flow of God’s blessings through me, SCATTER BY FIRE NOW.
5. My book of remembrance cannot be closed in Jesus name. No good I do is a loss.

Thank you for reading Today’s ODM Online 28 April 2021 Devotional – The Golden Fish: Give Your Best Always. God bless you!

Joel Osteen 27th April 2021 Today Message

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