ODM Daily Online 1st May 2021 Saturday Devotional – Count And Succeed! Plan!

ODM Daily Online 1 May 2021 Saturday Devotional - Count And Succeed! Plan! (Devotional For Champions)

ODM Daily Online 1st May 2021 Saturday Devotional – Count And Succeed! Plan! (Devotional For Champions)

Read Today Our Daily Devotional ODM Online for Saturday 1st May 2021 written by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe.

TOPIC: COUNT THE COST AND SUCCEED! PLAN! 01/05/2021 [ODM Daily Devotional Today]

Scriptures: Proverbs 16: 1-3; Luke 14: 1-1

No normal human being will ever stand up and announce that his or her desire in life is to fail. There is an innate desire in every human being to succeed. However, lots of people fail. The history of mankind is laced with failure in every area of life and in every aspect. Failure is that one thing that does not respect colour or tribe, it has no regard for religion or culture, neither does it care whether you are rich or poor. That tells me one thing: IT IS NOT ENOUGH TO WANT TO SUCCEED.

It has been said, ‘if wishes were horses, beggars would ride’. When this proverb was coined, it was used to particularly describe those who were so lazy that they had to resort to begging to survive. You can wish and dream and desire all you want, if you don’t roll up your sleeves and get busy, failure will overtake you and keep your dreams and desires in the pit. Turn your desires into action. Make your dreams a reality by believing them strongly enough to work on them.

ODM Daily Online 1 May 2021 Saturday Devotional Message

Clarify what you want and find out what it takes to make it happen. Jesus said “If you have a desire to build a skyscraper, won’t it be smart to sit down first and plan so that you know whether you have what it takes to start and finish the skyscraper” (author’s rendering and interpretation). Planning is essential. That is why I always begin a new year with a clear plan. I begin a new quarter and a new month with a clear plan.

I don’t just want to have a ‘want.’ I want to take it a step further; I want to have a ‘plan’ too. And above all, commit your plans to the Lord, trust in Him and He will bring it to pass. Move out of the class of people who are passing the path of laziness and failure today and step into the realm of success that God designed for you.

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Prayer Points!
1. Take Song 2: Draw me nearer…
2. Pray generally in your own words as you have been touched.
3. Pray seriously again for yourself now concerning your dreams and goals for 2021. If you wrote down your goals, bring out that list and refresh them again before the Lord of hosts. Nothing on that list is too late for Him to perform.

4. Pray about this new month seriously.
5. Every evil force working to turn me into a beggar who will never have his wishes fulfilled, scatter NOW!!!
6. Father, I receive fresh grace to complete my life’s assignment. I shall end up in victory and glory in Jesus name.
7. Pray about today as led now. CANCEL WEEPING!

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