ODM Daily Manna 17 May 2021 – What To Do While You’re Waiting!

ODM Daily 17th May 2021 Manna Devotional - What To Do While You're Waiting!

ODM Daily Manna 17 May 2021 – What To Do While You’re Waiting!

Read Our Daily Manna Devotional ODM Monday 17 May 2021 written by Dr Chris Kwakpovwe for Champions


Scriptures: Luke 19: 1-1

Today’s Message: Waiting time is not time to be wasted! Waiting time is time to prepare. Waiting time is time to develop charac- ter and attitude that makes for the dreams of your heart. If you dream of becoming the president of your country, don’t just wait for the next election, start acting and conducting yourself like a president. Start conducting yourself like a leader of impact and great value. Listen and learn. Develop yourself.

While you are waiting to GET THAT THING, there are certain things you can DO now. Getting the things you desire begins with BE- COMING a different person first; become someone who is able to handle that thing. God will not give you what will cause you to EXPIRE or DRY UP! That’s what you work on while you are waiting. The Master had an intention: He wanted to raise His servants into kings. But He wanted to know which one of them was going to be able to handle that position.

While they were wait- ing for the return of the King, they were working. THEY WERE PREPARING FOR LEADER- SHIP. The only one who wasted his waiting time was the one that lost. When you waste your waiting time, you lose. Make the best use of it. Prepare! Develop relevant skills now for who you want to become! I decree as commanded: Your waiting time will not be wasted! Your waiting time will not be your season of bitterness against the ONLY WISE GOD!

Your waiting time will INCREASE YOUR VALUE because you will develop yourself! In your waiting time, you will not lose hope! Ah! In this second quarter of 2021 and beyond, you will wax stronger and stronger and become all that God has destined you to be, in Jesus name! Pray now! MANNA AIR BRIGADE! JOIN THE MANNA AIR BRIGADE (MANNA TV PARTNERS)!

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Prayer Points!
1. Take Song 2: Draw me nearer…
2. Pray over today’s word as it has ministered to you.
3. I decree: Dream thieves and corrupters working to paralyse me during my waiting time; DIE BY FIRE in Jesus name.
4. I cancel every demonic delay working against my life, family and ministry, in Jesus name.
5. Pray now about any issue(s) affecting your peace.

Thanks for reading Today’s ODM Daily 17 May 2021 Manna Devotional for Champions – What To Do While You’re Waiting! written by Bishop Dr Chris Kwakpovwe.

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