ODM 24th April 2021 Online Daily Devotional – They Attacked Her With Insanity!

ODM 24th April 2021 Online Daily Devotional - They Attacked Her With Insanity!

ODM Online 24 April 2021 Daily Devotional – They Attacked Her With Insanity!

Today Online ODM Daily Devotional for Saturday 24th April 2021 for the Champions written by Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe.


Scripture: ECCLESIASTES 10:1-1

A young Christian brother met a sister in a church program and decided to marry her because of her very good looks. This brother married this beautiful sister without praying much or asking what God had to say about the sister or his intended marital union with her. Everything went on well until the sister had their first child. Immediately after having their first child, the sister started manifesting signs of insanity.

She tried to kill the baby a couple of times before the baby was taken from her. Eventually, she walked out of the house one day and was never seen again, thereby putting the brother in big trouble with the sister’s family. But upon going to pray here and there, all the prophecies the brother was given pointed to the fact that the sister was given in marriage to a very wicked spirit husband, through her dedication as a baby. ODM 24th April 2021 Online Daily Devotional

And this spirit husband followed her about from infancy and was now jealous and angry that the sister got married to a man in this earthly realm. That was why he afflicted her with insanity. That way she could never get married to any man. Proverbs 12:15 says: “The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise’’ Before you say: “I do’’ seek the counsel of God through prayers and please KNOW HOW TO HEAR THE VOICE OF GOD.

Get my book on this. Know the spiritual status of your would-be spouse before marriage. This will let you know what you are getting into, how to manage it or how to refrain from going into it if you don’t have the grace to handle such. If you are married, share today’s devotional with the unmarried in your local church/beyond. ALSO, AS A BUSINESSMAN OR WOMAN, check out the spiritual status of those you are signing deals with.

Some of your partners can launch SPIRITUAL ATTACKS against you especially when the profits begin to show up! Make sure you sign agreements with everyone – Christian or non Christian. Today’s scripture says: “….Wisdom is profitable to direct” (Vs. 10) and “the serpent will bite without an enchanter” (contending with every contender) – Vs. 11. Arise today and cancel every evil arrow of stagnation, delay, insanity, depression, self-pity, divorce, disappointment at the edge of breakthroughs, rise and fall syndrome, evil dreams, etc, from the gates of hell.

TODAY IS TIME OUT WITH BISHOP CHRIS: Theme: “Family and Relationship matters-Marriage, Singles/ Single Fathers/Single Mothers, Remarriage/Divorce, Widows(ers), In-law issues, etc.” Time: 10.00 a.m (Nigeria time). Connect Via Facebook: ourdailymannaworldwide . Send in your questions ahead before each session to: orderodm@gmail.com

1. Take your best song of worship as led.
2. In your own words, pray about today’s word as you are led now.
3. I contend with every satanic arrow sent against my OPEN REWARD this year!
4. Oh God my Father! I will not walk myself into bondage in the name of marriage in Jesus name.
5. Any covenant that is threatening to tear my destiny apart, break and CATCH FIRE in Jesus name.
6. Any evil dedication that has given my spouse in marriage to any demonic personality from infancy, that is now working against me and my DESTINY JOY, BURN NOW by the thunder/fire of the Holy GHOST in Jesus name.

Thank you for reading Today’s ODM Online 24 April 2021 Daily Devotional. God bless you!

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