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Love Tips: How To Know When He Loves You

Love Tips: How To Know When He Loves You

Love Tips: How To Know When He Loves You

The tips actual a guideline to know when a man loves a woman.

You have been married for several years now. But it seems to you that your feelings have already cooled? Or maybe, you broke up with your boyfriend, but you want to know, what he feels for you now? Before making hasty conclusions, let’s see what signs indicate that he still has feelings for you.

Main signs that he still loves you

A loving man will always pay attention to his beloved. He wants to be more close to you. He is interested to know how your day went, in the end, he tries to take care of you and make your rest of the day relaxed and full of positive emotions. So if you seek signs of he still loves me, we have some for you.

1. He does not forget to call or to text you

If he calls to ask how you are doing, even if you already saw each other today, or he wants to know your opinion on some issue or just spontaneously shared with you a link to a funny video or a romantic song? That means that he wants your attention.

2. He takes care of you

A man feels the need to protect and care his beloved. So if he loves, he will offer his assistance in domestic affairs. Or will take the initiative in solving your questions, be interested in your condition, if you are sick, offer to meet you after work.

3. He is jealous

Even if it doesn’t show that he is overwhelmed with jealousy, your mention of a friend, colleague or male acquaintance may alert him.

The fact is that men are proprietors by nature. Therefore, he can perceive your friend, for example, as a potential rival. He will ask you about your acquaintance, who he is to you, what you talked to him about, etc. Especially if you flirt with him or speak very well about him.

4. He is indifferent to other women

Even if he considers another woman to be beautiful, he will not be able to prefer her instead of you. Why? Because it binds you too much and you mean much more to him. He will not be interested in relationships with other girls, as well as in dating or flirting.

5. Another signs that his feelings are still strong

He prefers to spend time with you. For you to spend a weekend together or take a walk in the evening, he can postpone or cancel a meeting with friends.

He adores telling stories about you and him. In the circle of your friends or family, he does not forget to emphasize that he was lucky with you. He can tell some story from your joint past, mention your achievements.

He tries to please you. A small gift, a bouquet, even for no reason – he is happy to make you smile, so he will try to do it once again.

He gives you compliments often. Also, if you have been together for a long time, he does not forget to give compliments and show admiration.

Love Tips: How To Know When He Loves You

He still has a passion for you. He stays a few years of your life together, and he shows a desire for intimacy with you? That is the sign that you are still attractive and exciting for him … as a minimum.

If you have found any of these signs, if not all, then you can be confident in your man and say to yourself precisely: Yes, he still loves me.

But it happens that people break up, but the feelings remain, we will tell you about signs that the ex-boyfriend still wants to be with you.

How to know if your ex still love you

If the feelings are still alive, they are challenging to suppress or forget about them. Therefore, he will try to show them, even if in words between you are all over. We can tell you how to know if your ex is over you:

He is looking for a meeting with you. Pass by your home or your work, supposedly by chance. Moreover, these random meetings happen often. Offer you a meeting to talk, give something up, or he suddenly needs to ask you some question. All this suggests that he is not ready to part with you and still wants to see you.

When you are talking, he tries to remember what connected you. Random memories, obvious jokes for both of you, he may even touch on personal memories to try and bring things back.

In social networks, he publishes statuses intended for you. These could be philosophical reflections on past love, aggressive or even desperate phrases, or even collaborative photos.

He makes himself known on important dates. On your birthday, on Christmas, on any other celebration, he will want to contact you on the pretext of congratulations

He began to behave unusually. Previously, he did not like sports, now engaged in them? Or did he become actively involved in any events? In any case, if, after your separation, he began to lead an unusual lifestyle, this may indicate another attempt to draw attention to himself.

He is actively interested in the changes in your life. He continually monitors your Facebook page, asks how you are doing, is interested in news in your life.

He is trying to touch you accidentally. A friendly hug, a casual touch, or he offers you a hand to lean on him while you go down the stairs. As with attempts to meet you, he will look for an excuse to touch you.

He recognizes his love for you. Recognition and awareness of ones own feelings is already the basis. That’s why you can not guess he loves me or not.

Sometimes it may seem to you that he has lost interest in you and you ask yourself such questions as does he love me?do I need him? or does he have anyone else besides me? But the answer is simple: love is a feeling that people want to share, so it cannot always to be hidden. Therefore, a loving man will always find a reason to tell you about it.

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