Lies of the Heart 24th June 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 24th June 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 24th June 2020 Update on Zee World

Radha finds the tv on, in amrat’s room, with noone watching it, and finds that its a waste of energy. She tries to figure out a way to switch off the tv, with the help of various buttons on the remote. Finally she switches off the main plug. hearing samrat coming out of the bathroom, she hides behind the bed, and stealthily, catchges hold of him, as he comes out in the towel, and gets scared when he shuts the door, to change and get dressed. She finds him going through the wardrobe, and picking out his suit, and then he drops the towel, and she covers her eyes.

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Urmi remembers talking to the thug lawyer and how she was cheated. She gets a call from sushma and wonders how to give her the bad news. she picks up the call, and then as sushma enquries about her meeting with the lawyer, urmi lies to assure her that the lawyer is working. sushma is relieved, and consoles her that everything would be okay soon, and asks her to come home soon.

Urmi thinks that she did lie, and would have to do something, and that she has to arrange money somehow. She finds the job opening, of a sales girl, in a shop, and dceides to try for it, as a job. she enters the shop, and talks to the manager regarding the job opening of a sales girl, and when she says that she would try her best to understand, she is recruited at t asalary of 700, and added incentives based on performance.

She is relieved when she is asked to join from tomorrow. She requests the manager for an advance, and they ridicule her, and think that she is trying to fool them, and ask her to get lost. she starts walking out, apologising, and listenting to their taunts.

Later, Mr. tiwari and shaurya monitor the cooking, and he starts talking about divorce, and Tiwari gets tensed. He tries to explain it to him, in layman terms. Sushma comes and asks them to come out, as the door is open. Shaurya talks about him monitoring Tiwari’s cooking. Sushma tastes the curry, and actually finds shaurya’s observations correct, and starts reprimanding Tiwari. shaurya tells her that she shouldnt scold him much, or else he shall divorce her. he is amused, while they both are tensed.

Samrat signs the cheque for his lawyer, and he thanks him, and that Urmi hasnt followed up with the divorce proceedings, and samrat says that she doesnt have the status to follow up, and is scared and regretting that she stood against samrat. He says that urmi doesnt have the means nor the money, to compete with samrat, and they both ridicule her step. Niranjan says tht he is very happy, that thinks are happening accprding to his client. Samrat says that he wants more, and achieves it too, and if she isnt following up, he should proceed with the case, and drag her to court for her torment, as he would be satisfied with that only.

Niranjan asks him not to be hasty, as that would be wrong, and asks him to let her undrstand what it means to stand against samrat, and that one day, it would takje for him to win the case, but the win wont be enjoyable, and samrat likes that he is talking just the way he wants to. Samrat says that he doesnt want delay. Niranjan asks if he is sure, as he wanted her to ruin, physically, emotionally and financially, and when she would be stripped of everything, then they shall win. Samrat says that he is smarter than he thinks he is, and that he wont let him mint money, for his motives.

Niranjan compliments him on his full proof smartness, and Samrat asks if he is wrong, as he doesnt want to be bankrupt just for employing him for no reason, and asks him to stick to his job, and he shall handle the rest. Niranjan is tensed, but complies to his wishes. Samrat asks him to get to work, and proceed with the case. Samrat asks his lawyer that his first hearing should be the last one, so that in the blink of an eye, her son comes to him, once and for all and forever, as thats her ultimate harassment, and then she eont be left with anything else to lose. Mr. Niranjan, his lawyer hears intently and then complies.

On the road, urmi finds that there isnt any auto or bus, and finds from two bikers that there is a strike, and hence she wouldnt find any conveyance. She retreats when the same people start teasing her and passing lewd comments, and wards them off. ishaan passes by in car and stops. he asks her to ome inside, and he shall drop her, as she wont get any coneyance. She asks him not to bother, and that he neednt get upset. he asks if she shall got barefoot. she says yes. He asks her to leave this madness, and get in the car, even if she wont have to talk, as its a desolate area, and dangerous. As she agrees and starts walking with ishaan towards his car.

Samrat passes by and then reverse gears back, shocked to see that urmi is with ishaan. He again misconstrues that ishaan is having an affair with his wife. Samrat says that he was right in thinking, that ishaan has his eyes on her, right from the beginning, and today ot just got proven. She sits in the car with ishaan, hile samrat is frustrated. The screen freezes on his angry face, as they drive off.

Lies of the Heart 24th June 2020 Update on Zee World

Samrat gets furious seeing Urmi leaving with Ishaan. He tells his driver to follow their car, but his car doesn’t start and Samrat gets mad at his driver.

In car, ishaan tells urmi to say something, shout at him, but don’t stay quiet. He later tries to convince her to make him her lawyer as he knows samrat very well and he will hire a top lawyer. Urmi says if he can hire for himself to win the case, then he can pay someone to make Urmi lose case as well. Ishaan says he made mistake and he has returned now to rectify it. He asks her to believe him. They arrive at Sushma’s house and Urmi gets off. Ishaan understand urmi’s position and decides to win her trust no matter how hard he has to work for it.

Sushma gives the good news to urmi about her job for a bakery. Urmi is overjoyed but thinks where she will work. Sushma says she has arranged everything in her kitchen. Urmi hugs her and they get emotional. Sushma tells her to go to the bakery tomorrow and learn what she has to do. Suddenly, samrat storms inside in search of Ishaan. He says his usual nonsense and calls Urmi “blo*dy bewafaa” asking since how long their affair is going on. Urmi, Sushma, tiwari get shocked. Sushma and tiwari speak from urmi’s side, but samrat insults them as well and shuts them up. He goes inside to search Ishaan.

Urmi tells sushma that she’s used to this now and she has no fear from him. Samrat comes outside and asks Urmi again. Urmi tells him to find himself if he thinks ishaan is really here. Samrat gets more furious with Urmi’s replies and leaves saying he will find ishaan somehow. Urmi gets little sad after samrat leaves. Sushma tells her to calm down. Urmi says she’s not sad, she is just shocked how low someone can go. Sushma and tiwari say Samrat is very cheap, but him doing all this drama proved that Ishaan is not with him this time. Urmi thinks..

Aditi messages Amrit to do something soon, she can’t live in samrat’s house. Shashi is going somewhere. Her husband stops her and asks where she’s going secretly. Shashi says parlor. Servants from Thakur’s house come with Shaguns. Aditi tells her dad to understand her position, she can’t say anything in front of samrat but she can at least tell him. Her dad also finds all this happening too fast, but shashi shuts them up and tells Aditi that samrat is doing all this for her, to settle her down. Aditi’s dad says there is nothing wrong in 2nd marriage, but the guy has to be good.

Asha sees no one is at home and starts her mission to make Devi walk on his feet. She does her silly stuff, but fails in end.

Urmi meets Shashi outside parlor and shashi starts her nonsense regarding divorce drama etc. She tells urmi no one will even look at her after she gives divorce to samrat. Urmi gives her solid replies and shuts her up. She tells her not to worry about her and worry about her son instead. Her good values will still remain with her after divorce and if in her destiny, she will get everything after divorce.

Lies of the Heart 24th June 2020 Update ends as Ishaan tells annu to convince urmi to let him fight her case, but annu tells him she is not allowed to talk to her. Samrat finally finds Ishaan and says affair nonsense to him aswell which shock and anger Ishaan.

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