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Lies of the Heart 24 August 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 24 August 2020 Update Zee World
Lies of the Heart 24 August 2020 Update Zee World

Lies of the Heart 24 August 2020 Update starts as Ishaanni rudely tells diya to stay out of it, when she tries to point out that her way of talking to urmi isnt right. ishaani asks damini whats going on and who is she. she introduces diya, and then asks diya to stay out of their family affair. She also adds that she wont bear anyone talking to ishaani like that.

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Diya tells urmi, and urmi too tells her to stay out of it, but diya tells ishaani that what urmi was doing was on shaurya’s instructions, as he plans to surprise her. damini thanks her callously for having spoiled the surprise, and then tells everything to ishaani. When ishaan begins to go in a huff, diya asks her to apologise atleast. but ishaan lashes at her, syaing that she shouldnt meddle in another person’s business, and warns her about the same. All are tensed. urmi is worried.

Later, alok asks damini to talk and convince ishaani to reconsider her decision to go to paris. damini points that she did everything she could, but unfortunately there are some people who cant stay in their own business, and have to meddle in others’. urmi hears this, and is hurt, as damini points that urmi interfered. Alok asks her to move on and talk to ishaani again about paris, and again damini lashes at him and urmi indirectly too. Alok asks what are her future plans then.

Urmi says that she shall never be a housewife, and that girls should be independant career woman, efore marrying. ishaani descending down the stairs, hears this, while urmi gives a leacture on independance before marriage. ishaani comes down and says that she wants to marry, just to spite urmi, and asks damini to search for a suitable groom for her. alok asks whats she talking, while urmi is stunned. ishaan says that she wants to marry asap, as she eyes urmi angrily.

Shaurya gets karan’s call, who apologises for his misbahevaiour the other night and then asks for a favour, if he can give leave to diya. He agrees. Shaurya immediately agrees, and karan says that she has still gone, and asks him if he forces her to take a leave. shaurya complies. Shaurya asks if anything’s special, and karan says that the priest shall come to fix the date of marriage, and that shall give them sometime to spend together. Shaurya agrees.

After cancelling the call, he hollers at the peon, for his negligence in keeping the mop at the wrong place and behaves highly rudely with him. Diya notices him talking to the peon like this, and is tensed. She then comes to shaurya, asking if he can come to the cabin as he needs to talk something urgent.

After much insistence, he finally agrees. she says that she is concerned for his anger, as he is becoming really angry, and then tells that this is happening, as he is still single, and doesnt have a girlfriend, nor is he marriaed at a marriageable age. shaurya starts getting irritated and frustrated, while diya continues on a rant at having found why he is so irritable. She then gives him an example of her friend, who aklso went through a similar situation, and piles and pesters him to meet the friend once, so that he may also help himself.

To get rid of her, Shaurya gives her a holiday, and she gets tensed, while he urgently adds that he needs a leave from her, if she doesnt need one. she doesnt resist and keeps pestering till he agrees, and literally thwarts her out. Diya is excited at having gotten her work done, while he is frustrated to the core.

Later, urmi comes highly tensed to shaurya’s office and he asks whats the matter. she says that she has something urgent to talk to, and talks about ishaani’s new whim of getting married, which shocks him. She says that she is extremely tensed as she narrates everything, and asks why she ruins her life, to hate her mother. She talks about how proud she was that ishaani shall go to Paris, with the hope that she would be a changed person when she comes back. he asks her to do the exact opposite of what she actually wants, so that ishaani counter negates it, and ends up doing exactly what urmi wants her to do, through reverse psychology.

Urmi likes the idea, and decides to start being happy about ishaani’s marriage, so that she detests it. He asks her not to worry. he then remembers diya’s words, and asks if she too thinkls that he is angry these days. she denies. He talks about diya’s logic. she teases that diya might be right and he should get married indeed, and asks if she should start the search. she asks him not to change for anyone, and says that he is fine just the way he is.

Scene 3:Location: Diya’s residenceThe priest gives two dates, one of two months and the other two years frm now. Diya’s brother however comments how soon it is. karan’s mother says that its too soon as karan would have established his busines sby then. but karan doesnt mind and wants to get married on the first date. Diya stands tensed as elders talk. Her father convinces that the first date wont be a problem. They all discuss and then finally finalise on the date after two months itself, as diya is working right now, and shall be the earning member, till the time karan establishes his business. Her brother retorts yet again.

Diya tries to calm her brother down, asking him to be opposite. Diya and karan too say that they are okay with the first date. the priest does the ceremonial tika to mark the fixing of marriage. Lies of the Heart 24 August 2020 Update

As karan and diya enjoy a moonlight stroll, on the road, hand in hand, while reminiscening this very important day of their life. they come across some miscreants and hooligans who leeringly eye diya and pass rude comments. They both are tensed and worried too. karana rpeirmands them to stay in their limits, as if they speak more, he would bash them up. they continue leering.

Diya tries to calm down karan and rushedly takes him away from there, while he is still furious. they are oblivious that they have irked the goons the wrong way, who now avenge to teach them a lesson.

Location: On the roadAs dya and karan try to get home soon, they are stopped by the goons, who instigate karan, and he gets in a fistfight with them. she begs to be left alone and apologises, but one of them holds her saying, that they shall leave karan after having taught him a lesson, so that they can enjoy with her later, for the night. She is scared.

The goons nab karan alone and overpower him, and bash him to pulp. finally, their leader takes out the knife, and while others hold karan, he pulls the knife to give hm a fatal blow in the stomach. But just then, diya bites hard in one of the guys’ hands, and runs away, and they get distracted from karan and run after the girl.

Karan is too scared to experinec all this, and forgets his duties towards his fiancee, and runs away to save his life, not giving a damn as to what shall happen to diya.

Meanwhile diya runs from there, while they catch up with her a couple of times, and she manages to free herself from them. She finds logs of wood piled on, and hides in between them to escape them. they arrive and wonder where she went. the youngest of them finds her chappals, and they deduce that she is hiding somewhere here only. they start teasing her, as she hides in scare behind the wooden logs. They search around, while she runs out the first chance she gets, and they run after her. She starts panting and gasping for breath. She finally finds a big dustbin and hides herself inside it, as she climbs and takes a tattered sheet over her.

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They reach there, and thinkt hat she is too smart, and they wont l;et her get away that easy. The eldest starts poking through the dustbins, with a stick. She is scared as she is in hididng. Just by that dustbin, the brothers start fighting amongst themselves, and then blaming one or the other, they avenge to teach her a lesson, the next time, they find her. they finally resignedly leave off. She breathes in a sigh of relief, distraught and apalled.

Finally, mustering much courage, she gets up stealthily, to notice if all are gone, and when she finds that she is alone, she breaks down, at the horrific ramifications as to what could have happened, and starts to cry inconsolably, distraught and apalled at what she just went through. She composes herself finally and gets out of the dustbin and runs away. In the middle of the road, she starts panting and gasping for breath. She tries to hitchhike for a ride back home, and finally a red minivan stops. But she is shocked as she sees who the driver is, as it turns out to be the same goons, who opens the doors, and then laugh at her leeringly. she tries to run away. they get down and nab her.

Diya’s mother is tensed, while she is assured by her father that she is gone with kartan, and they both would be back soon, and she neednt worry. she says that diya didnt want to go, but went on karan’s insistence. Her father asks her to call diya and find out. she complies, but finds that the phone is rining but noone picking up. she then tries karan’s number, and it comes switched off. she gets more tensed. her father is convinced that due to bad weather, the network wont be getting through and asks her not to be worried. she sits down.

Late in the night, her mother calls up karan’s, to ask their whereabouts. She says that karan was planning to leave diya there. Both the mothers are tensed, as karan’s mother tells that she accidentally left her phone there only, and that she went for a walk along with karan. They are highly tensed.

Diya comes with coffee, and then hesitatingly brings up the topic, of diya to shaurya. she asks him to fire her from the job. He stands shocked and asks what she did. she vents out her frustration at diya, and he understands that ishaani was wrong in this. he says that she is the best employee, and that he would scold, as she had no business shouting at his little sister. she is gratified because of that too.

Then he adds that urmi likes her, and hence had called her, for the bful news coverage she did, on jaamdaan’s case. ishaani says that since urmi liked, it was obvious that she wouldnt like the girl. She tells shaurya that diya neednt come in the house again, and urmi can go out and meet her if she has to. he eyes her tensedly.

Lies of the Heart 24 August 2020 Update ends as the goons forcibly drag her inside, while she screams loudly lewdly and leeringly suggesting as to what they shall do to her now. They then drive off, amidst her muffled screams. the screen freezes on the van.

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