Lies of the Heart 17 August 2020 Update

Lies of the Heart 17 August 2020 Update
Lies of the Heart 17 August 2020 Update Zee World

Lies of the Heart 17 August 2020 Update starts as Tani is outraged at samrat’s weird dress, and then samrat too gets into pretentious mode, complaining of a splitting headache, and not knowing what came over him. tani calms him down, and then takes him to the room. They meet urmi in the way, where samrat is shocked to see her there. She says that she was mortified and apalled to see samrat dressed and dancing like a girl.

Tani thanks urmi for telling her, so that they could stop it early on. samrat fumes that it was all urmi’s idea to spoil his image in front of tani. he is embarassed, and speechless.

Tani tells everyone, the next day, that she cant have a compulsive thief in her house. shashi is in tears. urmi stands for her, saying that she didnt steal it, and actually is about to spill out that its samrat and not shashi, but stops herself in time. tani asks if its not shashi, then who is it. she compels urmi to speak up, while she eys samrat, watching him squirm and relish in the fact that she caused him. but she doesnt spill names, and instead fights for shashi to stay here only.

While samrat and tani callously proclaim that she can live. but urmi insists that sjhashi shall stay on their behalf then. shashi is overwehlmed with gratitude. In her room, shashi is mortified at what she did with urmi, and when she comes, she apologises proufsely, and mends with her. urmi too hugs her emotionally.

Later, samrat comes and tries to get shashi to still be on his plot, by comin g up with an idea, of making kiran shashi’s illegitimate daughter. urm,i, hearing thisfrom a distance, is shocked. shashi reprimands him for his shamelessness, and says that he is a fool to have left the best wife. When he insists, she slaps him tight.

Shashi slaps Samrat and says she’s ashamed of him. She raised him and supported him in all and this is what she gets? Urmi sees this.

Urmi later tells this to Ishaan and he can’t believe it. Urmi gives up and says to Ishaan he was right, Samrat will never accept his mistake and they should just tell his truth to the family. This time Ishaan stops her saying he has faith in her. She changed Samrat’s mother today and same way, Samrat will also realise his mistakes. Lies of the Heart 17 August 2020

Later, Urmi writes a letter for Samrat from the hotel where he was going to spend night with Urmi. She writes thank you for stay on 15th April 2015 and he has won 1000 rupees voucher.

Later, all are in the hall and a servant gives letter to Tani. Tani reads it. Samrat shortly joins in and sees family discussing about his stay in that hotel. He starts getting worried. Urmi asks what he was doing in hotel when he has house there. Tani asks him the same. Samrat starts cooking up the story that it must be old.. before their marriage.

Urmi says but letter says date before 1-2 months and if she remembers properly, he went for some puja for family’s happiness. Tani remembers everything and demands him to tell the truth. Urmi smiles. Samrat starts cooking up another story that he went and priest fooled him and ran away with money which Samrat gave for puja’s prep. Tani says to him that he still lied.

Samrat says he wanted to tell her, but he got call from her and she looked so happy, so he has decided not to come home. That was worst night ever for him, he had so much guilt for lying. All family members, including Shashi, can’t believe he can lie this much. Anirudh tells Samrat to stop fooling them. He lied that day and he’s lying again. Samrat acts to Tani that this is the reason he can’t tell the truth in this house. No one believes him. Tani agrees with him and asks Anirudh why they never trust him.

Later, Damini goes to Shashi and asks what her and Samrat are made of. Shashi says she can’t understand. Damini tells her that she knew very well Samrat was lying and they both know where he went, then why she didn’t say anything. Does she get happiness seeing Samrat playing with her daughter’s innocence? Shashi is not able to say anything.

Urmi meets Samrat and says he got saved once again. He should be a story writer. And asks him for how long he will lie? One day his lie will come out, then don’t know what will happen with him. What all he didn’t do. He first risked his own son’s life and then in act of treating him, he wanted to win her. He says what win? He didn’t want to come any close. He just wanted to bother her. She says even if he tells that to Tani, she will throw him out of the house and break his legs so he can never return here.

Lies of the Heart 17 August 2020 Update ends as Samrat asks her what she wants. He’s doing what she’s saying and she said she will forgive him. She laughs and says she never made any commitments. And forgiveness is given to person who makes one mistake, not to someone who makes mistakes over and over. She may still have forgiven him for all his mistakes, but she will never forgive him for what he did to her son.

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