Joel Osteen 23rd May 2021 Sunday Devotional – The Blessing Stands

Joel Osteen 23 May 2021 Sunday Devotional - The Blessing Stands

Joel Osteen 23rd May 2021 Sunday Devotional – The Blessing Stands



Today’s Scripture: Genesis 39:2, TLB
The Lord greatly blessed Joseph there in the home of his master, so that everything he did succeeded.

Today’s Word On Joel Osteen 23rd May 2021 Sunday Devotional
As a teenager, God gave Joseph a dream that one day he would lead a nation and people would bow down before him. But he was betrayed by his brothers, taken to Egypt, and sold as a slave to a high ranking official named Potiphar. Joseph could have been bitter and complained, “God, I thought Your blessing was on my life.

I thought You said I would do great things.” Instead he kept being his best, doing more than required, and he was greatly blessed in everything he did. Notice that God was with Joseph in the unfair situation. The blessing was still on his life.

Sometimes we think we’re not blessed when something goes wrong. That didn’t stop the blessing. People can’t take away the favor God put on you. A disappointment doesn’t cancel out the blessing. The setbacks are not the end; they are a setup for what God is about to do. Don’t get sour when life is unfair. The blessing is still on you.

Prayer for Today
Father, thank You for Your presence and favor in my life that no situation or person can take away. Thank You for the blessing that is on my career, on my property, and on my health. I believe that I am blessed and stand out because I am Your child. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

About Joel Osteen
Raised in Houston, Texas, with a loving family of seven and world-renowned parents in full-time ministry, Joel Osteen never imagined that he would follow so closely in his father’s footsteps. As a young man, his training and interests were behind the scenes in television production, though he was close to his father in ministry.

“There’s no greater feeling than being able to help people rise higher and overcome something and feel better about themselves. I think that we’re all made to help others, to lift people UP.” – JOEL OSTEEN

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