Joel Osteen 19th May 2021 Today Devotional – Sing a New Song

Read Joel Osteen 19 May 2021 Today Devotional - Sing a New Song

Joel Osteen 19th May 2021 Today Devotional – Sing a New Song


TOPIC: SING A NEW SONG [Joel Osteen Today Message]

Today’s Scripture: Psalm 40:3, NLT
He has given me a new song to sing, a hymn of praise to our God.

Today’s Word On Joel Osteen 19th May 2021 Today Devotional
It’s easy to complain about your boss, about the traffic, or about a relationship. We create much of our own unhappiness by how we respond to negative things, how we approach life. Here’s the key: When you complain, you remain; but when you praise, you’ll be raised.

In Psalm 40, David says that if you have “a new song” of praise in your heart, you’ll see more of God’s favor. He said that he was lifted out of “the pit of despair.” When you develop a habit of always thinking about God’s goodness, seeing the best, singing a hymn of praise, you’ll have joy despite what’s happening around you.

You might have been through some difficulties, but you have to start making a new melody in your heart. Start thanking God that new doors are opening, and your best days are still ahead. If you get your song back, you’ll start feeling the joy bubbling up, you’ll get your passion back, and you’ll see your dreams start coming to life.

Prayer for Today
Father, I worship You because You are worthy, Almighty God. Thank You that You put a new song in my heart that lifts me up no matter what is happening around me. I choose to shut the door of complaining and declare that my best days are still ahead. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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