Joel Osteen 17 June 2021 Devotional – Darkness Cannot Stop the Light

Joel Osteen Devotional 17th June 2021 - Darkness Cannot Stop the Light

Joel Osteen Devotional 17 June 2021 – Darkness Cannot Stop the Light



Today’s Scripture: Psalm 112:4, TLB
When darkness overtakes [the righteous], light will come bursting in.

Today’s Word On Joel Osteen Daily Devotional 17 June 2021

It may be dark in your life right now. You don’t see how you will ever get well, ever get out of debt, or ever see the legal situation resolve. Here’s the key: You are the righteous, you are a child of the Most High God. You have this promise from your Creator that when it’s dark, when you could easily be discouraged, when you feel like giving up, light is about to burst in. It doesn’t say it will trickle in, barely get there, and hopefully make it one day. No, suddenly, unexpectedly, it will come bursting in. That means you won’t see it coming, but God in His goodness will turn it all around. Healing, favor, and restoration are going to burst in.

The God who spoke worlds into existence controls the darkness and the light. When it’s your time for promotion, for healing, for abundance, all the forces of darkness cannot stop our God. Get ready. The light is about to break through.

Prayer for Today
Father, thank You that in times of darkness when I don’t see the way out, I have Your promise that You will come bursting in with light and direction. Thank You that in Your goodness You will turn it around. I believe that all the forces of darkness cannot stop it. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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