I know what it means to be Hungry as Child on the Street, Says Queen Jonathan

I know what it means to be Hungry as Child on the Street, Says Queen Jonathan

I have experienced hunger while on the Streets, Ex Beauty Queen, Timi Shares her experience

Former Miss Izon-ebi Culture, Miss Timi Jonathan has shared her experience with hunger and starvation while growing up in an unknown community.

She spoke with our correspondent during the kick off of Project Feed Street Kids in Yenagoa.

According to Miss Jonathan, she knows and understand what it means to be hungry without hope for the next meal.

Queen Timi said “I have been on the streets, most people will not know that I was on the streets. I know how it feels to be on the streets, no food to eat, no room over the head, and no cloth to cover the body.

“The life on the street is full with struggle. Some, may have a guidance but these guidance don’t have time for them, that is my story while on the streets. Since is something I have first hand experience, I decided to take up the challenge to change the narrative of street kids that will cross my path”, she said.

On the success of the kick off of the project Feed Street Kids, she said “I never knew it was going to be big because I had planned something small but what I got was mind-blowing. The support was massive. There were a lot of calls from friends to express their goodwill and I thank God for it”.

Miss Jonathan explained that the project is a continuous one and have plans to activate the Yenagoa Food Bank where individuals will donate food items to sustain the project.

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