For Couples: This is how regular you have sex to keep you young

This article is at the discretion of married couples.

HAVING great sex3ual chemistry with your partner is obviously good for your relationship and keeps you happy.

But new research has shown that regular se3x also keeps you young.

So how often do you need to be getting intimate to make a difference?

Once a week apparently.

Scientists in California found that the protective caps on our DNA – which indicate aging and general health – are in better shape in women who have weekly romps.

The caps – called telomeres – keep our DNA in shape and stop our chromosomes from fraying as we get older.

Short telomeres means a shorter lifespan.

Researchers asked 129 women in relationships about their sex3ual activity over the course of a week, and examined their blood.

They found “significantly” longer telomeres in women who said they were having weekly sex3ual intimacy.

Lead researcher Tomás Cabeza de Baca, of the University of California, told PsyPosttelomeres were “a biological index of systemic ageing and health”.

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He said the sex3ual link to longer telomeres was there, whether the relationship was a happy one outside of the bedroom or not.

Getting intimate on a weekly basis can help slow the aging process, say scientists

He said: “The relationship held when we controlled for our measures of relationship quality, perceived stress, and other important confounders.

“Telomere length and telomerase activity was not associated with relationship satisfaction and positive/negative partner interactions.”.


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