DCLM Deeper Life Daily Manna 10th April 2021 – Away From The Crowd

DCLM Deeper Life Daily Manna 10th April 2021 - Away From The Crowd

DCLM Deeper Life Daily Manna 10th April 2021 – Away From The Crowd

Read Today’s DCLM Daily Manna Devotional for Saturday 10 April 2021 written by Pastor W. F. Kumuyi


TEXT: Song of Solomon 4:8-16
8. Come with me from Lebanon, my spouse, with me from Lebanon; look from the top of Amana, from the top of Shenir and Hermon, from the lions’ dens, from the mountains of the leopards.

9. Thou hast ravished my heart, my sister, my spouse; thou hast ravished my heart with one of thine eyes, with one chain of thy neck.

10. How fair is thy love, my sister, my spouse! how much better is thy love than wine! and the smell of thine ointments than all spices!

11. Thy lips, O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb; honey and milk are under thy tongue; and the smell of thy garments is like the smell of Lebanon.

12. A garden inclosed is my sister, my spouse; a spring shut up, a fountain sealed.

13. Thy plants are an orchard of pomegranates, with pleasant fruits; camphire, with spikenard,

14. Spikenard and saffron; calamus and cinnamon, with all trees of frankincense; myrrh and aloes, with all the chief spices;

15. A fountain of gardens, a well of living waters, and streams from Lebanon.

16. Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.

KEY VERSE: “Thy lips, O my spouse, drop as the honeycomb: honey and milk are under thy tongue; and the smell of thy garments is like the smell of Lebanon.”Song of Solomon 4:11


Our text reveals the expression of sincere love of a bridegroom for his amiable, elegant spouse. He gives an invitation to her from amidst a pleasurable environment of Lebanon. His heart is highly delighted in and drawn out unto her such that he could endure all things for her sake because of incomparable love he has for her.

He further describes the quality of the love, the sweetness of which is priceless, beyond the smell of ointment and spices. The outflow of good conversation from her lips and the pleasant fruits from her garden are indications of her inward beauty, which is the delight of her husband. A spouse so dearly purchased could not but be dearly loved. So the love of Christ is admiring and great for His beautiful bride (the Church).

If you have been espoused to Him and have responded to His invitation into an everlasting covenant relationship, you are His Bride and He inputs His glorious beauty in you, which God highly admires. This is the beauty of holiness, righteousness, and words seasoned with grace, holy conversation, a meek and quiet spirit and holy subjection, not the empty service of outward religion or mere profession of faith.

The beauty of our youth fades away, but the beauty of Christ’s bride remains radiant as long as the union exists. The Church should, therefore, offer praises to God and speak profitable words to the weak and the discouraged, like honey from the honeycomb. Believers’ words must be sweeter than honey to the glory of God and to the good of souls. This is the beauty Christ admires and rejoices over as the husband rejoices over his virtuous wife.

As believers, we must endeavour we keep reflecting the virtues of Christ who indwells us at all times.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Godly virtues stand the believer out of the worldly crowd.


Thank you for reading Today’s DCLM Deeper Life Daily Manna 10th April 2021 for Saturday; written by Pastor William Folorunso Kumuyi. God bless you!

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