Our Daily Bread Devotional Message

Our Daily Bread Devotional Message

Our Daily Bread Devotional is a daily routine for Christians who yearn for God’s presence in their lives.

It offers solutions from God’s Word. It is rooted and has in-depth of God’s knowledge for mankind to benefit.

Our Daily Bread is a tool of salvaging one’s soul from the shackles of darkness. It preaches ‘Love God’ ‘Love Others’

Given enough sunlight and water, vibrant wildflowers carpet areas of California such as Antelope Valley and Figueroa Mountain. But what happens when drought strikes? Scientists have discovered that certain wildflowers store large quantities of their seeds underground instead of allowing them to push through the soil and bloom. After the drought, the plants use the seeds they’ve saved to begin to flourish again. More insight from Our Daily Bread May 27 Outline

Reflect & Pray
Why is it so hard to trust God during life’s “dry” seasons? How has God provided for you in the past, and how might the story of His faithfulness encourage someone you know?

Father, sometimes it’s so hard to keep going. Please meet my needs today, and help me to persevere through the power of Your Holy Spirit.

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