Billy Graham Devotional 13th April 2021 – Looking For A Cause?

Billy Graham Devotional 13th April 2021 – Looking For A Cause?

Today’s Billy Graham Devotional for Tuesday 13 April 2021. Be blessed and inspired by today’s reading.

TOPIC: LOOKING FOR A CAUSE? ( See Billy Graham Devotional 12th April 2021)

Key Verse: “Brethren . . . present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.” – Romans 12:1


In a book called “The Age of Longing” we read that an American girl married a radical revolutionary in Paris. She had lost her faith at an American University—lost all the religious faith she had, and all the things her parents had told her. She was asked why she married him. She said, “He’s the first person I have ever known who believes something strong enough to die for it.

Although I don’t believe exactly as he does, I was attracted to this man who had found a cause.” I find that young people today are looking for a cause, and they are not looking for something easy. Some time ago a university student in Moscow told one of my colleagues, “You Christians say that you are going to win the world, but we’ve done more in fifty years than you’ve done in two thousand years.

And do you know why? It is because you are not committed. We are. We will win, you’ll see.”

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Prayer For The Day: I look at my dedication to You, Jesus, my Lord and Savior, and am ashamed—You gave everything for me. May I always live totally committed in love to You.

Thank you for reading Today’s Billy Graham Devotional 13th April 2021. God bless you!

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