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This is Fate 2 October 2020 Update

This is Fate 2 October 2020 Update
This is Fate 2 October 2020 Update Zee World

This is Fate 2 October 2020 Update Zee World starts as Preeta orders his men to let Sameer go after which his men ask how he knows the name of Sameer, he explains that he has taken it as he heard someone else taking it so he should beside talking with him just steal the jewellery.

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Shrishti explains that she ahs has divided the work based on what they can do, Preeta should call them as she is pretty meanwhile she is strong and hard so Preeta has to only call the leader so that she can hit him in the bridal room, Preeta is really worried about how she will be able to do that all and when she will ask him to come will he really fall for it, Shrishti explains that she has to do it and if it does not work then they will think of some other plan, she prays that both her sister and herself are helped.

The robbers are taking the jewellery while Preeta peeks from the corner signalling the leader to come near her, Prithvi thinks that she is calling him and he should go to her, she wonders that Shrishti was saying the truth and so coming so she runs away.The goon says that Rakhi has to give him the Mangal Sutur as it is really expensive but she doesn’t give it to him and then he snatched it, karan gets really angry so hits the goons and both Rishab and him start beating them really badly with the family so much that they start to run but one of them takes Rakhi as hostage warning that if they take any step then he will harm Rakhi.

Preeta is really tensed about what she must do just then Prithvi comes so she lures him even further, Shrishti is in the room thinking about what she will do she plans to cover him with a blanket and scare him top the extent that he is forced to listen to her instructions.

So he will listen to her in order to save his life, she thinks that she will be relieved once the guests leave the hall, Preeta enters the room explaining that the fake robber is following her, Prithvi thinks that she is calling him in the room so he is really excited, Shrishti thinks that she will cover him with a blanket and hit him.

Shrishti takes a knife saying that she will threaten him with a knife, Shrishti asks him to take out the mask, Prithvi thinks that he is really relieved as he is wearing a mask otherwise it would have been really difficult for him, Shrishti threatens to hit him in the stomach but he runs in the room, he then stops while standing on the bed meanwhile Shrishti says that she will count to three then kill him.

Karan and Rishab demand that they remove the gun from Rakhi’s head, the leader asks the name of the person who was pretending to be him, his partner says that he was doubtful of that persons actions, the leader plans to do something harmful to Rakhi as she is the love of everyone’s eyes.

The goons asks Janki who she is and they ask her to stand there, Janki says that she ahs jewellery so they plan to take everything and leave, the leader says that they have to find the person who was pretending to be the leader, he gets a call from one of his men who explains that he was not able to find a car for the escape, he asks how the person pretending to be him looked, they all explain that they did not see his face which angers the leader and he starts beating him.

Kartika asks Janki what she has, she shows that she has spices and they both take it and throw it t the robbers, they all start to hit the robbers and leave but Rakhi says that she will not leave as she needs the Mangal Sutur, both Rishab and Karan try to take it but the robbers point their guns at them ordering that they remain at the place where they are standing.

Prithvi runs after the count to three and locks himself in the bathroom, he plans to sit there until he comes up with a plan to escape from both the sisters. Preeta asks Shrishti to calm down as she will talk with him she says that she will not harm him but he would have to talk with the other robbers ordering that they not harm anyone, Shrishti also apologizes to him, but he is not listening so they again plan to leave him in the bathroom and help others.

The robbers ask them to stay in the same place as they will not be able to run anymore, he asks what happened and why they are not running, the leader goes to Janki asking what she means to them all as no one who is related would take such a big risk, she explains that she is just doing her work, the robber says that she should not have come, Janki orders that he levave at which he slaps her, Karan gets frustrated so hits him, they all hold him so that he is unable to move. Preeta and Shrishti are worried about what they can do.

The robbers take Rakhi into a room. Rakhi requests them to let her be with her children and family, she won’t speak a single word. One of the goons say its too late, she was silent when her children posed all the resistance.

Preeta and Shrishti followed the goons to the corridor. Preeta whispers to Shrishti that she knows a way to the bridal room. The robbers hear their whispers but the Preeta and Shrishti had left by then.Sameer fights with Rishab for carrying the Mehndi function in this hall. He winks towards Rishab who senses the signal and argues with each other. Karan takes the chance and runs outside.

Preeta brings Shrishti to an underground way to bridal room. She taps at the roof door. Rakhi was initially terrified as the carpet moved in the room. Shrishti and Preeta had climbed the wooden ladder to knock at the hidden door. Rakhi removes the carpet from the hidden room. The goons hear her cry but overlooks it. Rakhi was happy to see Preeta and Shrishti. Preeta asks Rakhi to come downstairs and forwards her hand for help.

Karan reaches the corridor where the goons were hiding. They hold guns towards Karan and enter the room. Rakhi sat with the hidden doorway. Preeta, Shrishti, Rakhi and Karan were brought back to the hall. The robbers try to stop the ongoing fight between Sameer and Rishab. Rishab was shocked to see Karan, Preeta and Shrishti being caught. Preeta says they were caught because of Karan.

At least they could have been saved if Karan was a few minutes late. Rakhi says it’s alright, at least they are with their family. Shrishti takes their attention to go and find the stranger who is hidden in groom’s room. One of the goons discuss with his mates that they need to kidnap Rakhi and Karan, once he is freed he will finish them off. Preeta objects she can’t let them take Karan.

The goons reach the groom’s room. Prithvi was locked in the toilet and thinks he is gone, and trapped from each way. The goon calls from outside and tries to open the door. Prithvi wonders who this is. Police can never break a door. He had hidden his face with the towel when the door was finally broken. He wonders why this goon won’t stop him from going out of the toilet, and tries to escape. The goon threatens to shoot him. Prithvi requests not to harm him.

The goon was irked at him. Prithvi says he was attracted towards the mask and wore it, and their mate Monu spotted them. He was terrified and couldn’t lie. The goon hears his story and says now, they will make Prithvi do the acting as he likes. He keeps on pleading the goon.

Sarla reaches the hall. She thinks the Kumkum Bhagya hall belongs to her, no matter the function is of Luthra family. She must go inside and check once.

The goons understand the love story of Karan and Preeta. Rakhi wants Preeta and Karan to unite, while Maira wants to get fixed with Karan. The family waited silent. One of them comments he also fall in love, and can clearly see love in Karan and Preeta’s eyes for each other.

Sarla hears the goon’s driver inform him on call that the van is ready. Sarla wonders what if the guests are also trapped inside. She hides herself. The goons turn to leave and takes Karan along. Preeta spots the water and juice glasses. Shrishti notices her stare. Preeta spots towards the water bottles and the electric wire of decorative lights. They spill the water cans towards the goons and leave bare wires in it.

This is Fate 2 October 2020 Update – The gang gets the electric shock. Prithvi and the goon with him came towards the hall. They hear the screams from the hall. Prithvi asks him to go and help his team mates. Prithvi successfully dodges him. He joins them and forces Preeta to turn the electricity off but Sarla attacks from behind and pushes him towards the others. Police reaches to arrest the goons.

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