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This is Fate 2nd September 2020 Update
This is Fate 2nd September 2020 Update Zee World

This is Fate 2nd September 2020 Update starts as Preeta listening to an elder, who is explaining that sometimes they are manipulated by their minds, it is also said that the fate changes after forty days so who knows they can both mend their relations, she explains that she believes that this fast not only ensures the long living of the groom but also is the reason that the distances which are between any couple are mended, the girl mentions that when there is no tryst then how can the relation be mended, the elder says that it is possible because this provides them with a new belief.

Preeta thinks that she is also facing the same problem, so she can also keep the fast as it might bring the families together again and they will become one.BI jee also is praying in the Mandir that Preeta’s life comes back on the tack as she has faced a lot of problem.Sanjana asks Karan to stop as she has reached her destination. There a women comes saying that she wants him to buy the cloth as it is from the Mandir so will bring happiness in their lives.

This is Fate 2nd September 2020 Update

Sanjana responds saying that it is not the case and that she is only saying this because she wants to sell it all, then she asks Karan to pay for her cloth as she has forgotten the money, he pays, then when she leaves Karan buys another clothe, but thinking of what has happened with his family he throws it, then the cloth rests on Preeta’s head, the lady explains that she wants it back as another man has paid for it but then she sees that he has left, she request that she sell the cloth to her and give the money paid by the person in charity.

Preeta is standing at the entrance where Bi jee comes asking why she came out she explains that she came to call the auto, they both jump into one and leave.Karna is in his car, thinking what the women said that if he buys the cloth then it will be beneficial for his wife, he wonders that he should stop thinking for Preeta as she has no meaning in his life, he plays a song which will make him divert his attention.

Shrishti is wondering when the delivery will take place as she had ordered it before, Sarla asks her to sit stari9ght as otherwise she will fall she asks Shrishti why she is so worried, She mentions that she has ordered a new dress, Sarla scolds her saying that she already has a very big collection of clothes so why did purchase a new dress, Shrishti explains that it is a new design which has come to the market.Preeta and Bi jee arrive back to the house.

Sarla asks if she was able to pray at the Mandir, Bi jee responds by saying that she was not as there were a lot of people them she does not understand why there were so much people, Sarla thinks of what Janki said that Preeta has kept the fast, she ask her to drink water but Preeta refuses but explaining that she will first freshen up,Preeta goes to her room thinking whys he has bought the cloth as there is nothing like a marriage in her life, she however remembers that she will fulfill her responsibilities no matter what and so decides to keep the fast.

Sarla is preparing food Janki ask Bi jee why is Sarla preparing food as everything was already prepared, Bi jee says that she is doing this because of her stubbornness, Sarla is about to take the food into Preeta’s room, when Bi jee stops her asking why she has prepared the food, Sarla is not able to understand, Janki says that she means why she wants Preeta to eat the food. This is Fate 2nd September 2020 Update

Sarla says that she will not let her keep the fast for Karan as it will mean that she reaches back to the same place where she was standing before, Sarla feels worried asking Preeta if she has kept the fast.

Sarla mentions that she is not the one who feels that Preeta has kept the fast, but Janki and Bi jee believe that she has kept it, Sarla is about to make her eat but then Shrishti comes showing her new dress, Shrishti asks her to pin the new dress, even when Sarla is really frustrated with her, she stands up asking Preeta to eat on her own, Preeta thinks that she would make her think that she has eaten the food.

Shrishti asks Sarla to be careful while teeing the knots, Preeta seeing the opportunity, hides all of the food in her drawer, then she says that she did not let her eat the food, Preeta responds that she ate the entire food, Sarla is amazed saying that how could she have eaten the food as it was a lot, then Sarla says that she should to sit with them at the table, Shrishti gets curious asking how did she eat her food so quickly, Preeta taunts her by saying that she is always busy in eating that she never notices anything.

Karan is walking when two of his fans come to meet him, they take selfies and hug him , they also ask him to give them autographs at their neck at which he says that he cannot give them autographs there, then he walks away thinking that he never talks like this so has to change himself, then he calls them saying that he is depressed also mentions that he is worried because of Preeta, Karan gets tensed and leaves, they both think if they had heard of any girlfriend with the name if Preeta.

Kartika, Maira and Sherlin are talking with Dadi hearing her stories of how she met their grandfather, then Dadi says that she would not tell them everything, Kartika asks her to tell her what gift did he gave her, she explains that she was very angry with him at her first karwa chowt but then when he presented her the gift she immediately felt relieved.

Sarla brings food for everyone, Sarla shows them the plate saying that she has eaten everything, Bi jee says that she will be very angry with her if she comes to know that Sarla pressured her, Janki and Bi jee are both worried that Preeta has kept the fast but why is she doing this, Preeta also comes from the rooms saying hat she ate everything and it was all really delicious, at the table Bi jee again scolds Sarla.

Preeta is forcefully asked to drink water, she keeps it in her mouth and then immediately throws it as she reaches her room, she apologizes to both god for lying to her mother as she has to keep the fast.

Sherlin is walking by the kitchen when she smells the delicious food, then she walks into watch that it is Kerala she gets mad as she doesn’t like it, she calls Ganesh asking why did he make it, he explains that he prepared for Dadi as she has kept the fast and anyone who has kept it should not eat so she should also not worry, she also sends Ganesh to work then thinks of eating something but backs off as she has kept it for Prithvi thinking that she would have eaten if she had kept it for Rishab then she would have eaten.

Preeta is in her room, she thinks that she has never seen anyone keep the fast and so never knows how she would break it, she searches it from google and then comes to know that it would be her husband who would have to break her fast, she thinks of calling Karan to break her fast with her. This is Fate 2nd September 2020 Update

Karan comes to Rishab’s room eating an apple, he asks why Rishab is so late as everyone is waiting for him or rather for the moon to arise, Karan wants the function to end as there are a lot of guests at their house, he explains that there are also some people who do not believe in this, he asks Rishab who responds that it doer sot matter as Sherlin has kept the fast for her so he has to respite it, he explains that eh called an employee to discuss the details of the event where he came to know that he fought with his wife knowing that she has kept a fast for him, he feels that no matter the differences between a husband and wife, they can be solved by keeping the fast and finishing in the ritual.

Rishab is looking for his phone, Karan is left to wonder if Preeta has kept the fast for him, he decides to call her, She thinks that she has kept the fast but will not tell Karan as he will be happy that he has become successful in breaking her so she decides to not call him, but she will make sure that he is the one to break her fast, she therefor decides to do what she should not and that is to go to the Luthra house,.

Karan is about to call Preeta but stops when Rishab asks how he is looking, he explains that he is looking really nice, Rishab asks Karan to come with him but he does not move, at which Rishab asks why he is so tensed, Karan says that he will come after getting dressed, He thanks his brother for stopping him to call Preeta after getting emotional.

Bi jee asks Sarla if she finished everything, Sarla says that she took care of everything, Bi jee shuts down the television, Shrishti asks the reason at which she is scolded by Bi jee, Preeta comes out from her room, Bi jee asks where she is going, Preeta says that she is going for the interview as it did not finish the last time, Sarla asks her to eat yogurt but Preeta denies, then Janki asks if she is still worried that Preeta might have kept the fast, Sarla answers that she is sure that Preeta has not kept the fast.

Sarla explains that she is sure Preeta has not kept the fast as she has given her food and also made her eat lunch so she is sure that Preeta is not fasting, she vows to fight with Janki if she talks, Preeta asks them to both vale down, before leaving, Shrishti is worried if Preeta is really telling the truth.Rishab meets with Akshay, he says that he should not let her wait any longer as she cannot hold her hunger, dadi comes from behind asking why is he trying to fool Akshay, Rishab explains that he was just joking and would never let him do anything of the sort.

This is Fate 2nd September 2020 Update

Samer looks tensed, he feels that the party is not the same without Preeta, Karan walks by him, seeing how worried he is he comes back, Samer explains that he was thinking of Preeta but seeing Karan quickly defends himself by saying that he was thinking of Shrishti, Karan also while talking with him tries to ask of Preeta’s life and how she is coping up with the changes in her life. He asks if Samer has met Shrishti, Karan immediately denies it.

Karina asks Samer and Karan to come, Sherlin thinks that she will not let any meeting go astray, Karina explains that she is the one who is in charge of the function, she has been asked by Rakhi if they are helping her so she wants that they all help her, the boys also agree, that they will help her. Then some fans come explaining that their parties are wonderful, they also feel happy that they are going to witness the first Karwa Chow of Rishab and Sherlin, the ladies propose that they also get Karan married which angers him and he leaves. Karina to calm the situation explains that they will as soon as there is a proper proposal.

Preeta reaches the Luthra mansion, she remembers what Karan said to her that she should never think of coming back and must forget that they were ever friends, She decides to leave but thinking of what the women said that any differences that might arise will be swept away, she thinks that she should go but is worried on how she would accomplish it as Karan never wants to see her face, she sees a group of dancers then calls one dancer, explaining that she needs her help, she explains the entire situation, the dancer says that she feels blessed t help her, then going back to the car brings some clothes for her then explains that she should wear it as then she will be able to come with them to the dance floor.

Akshay explains that he had request Kartika to not keep the fast as she would not be able to bear the hunger but she had to keep it for her own desires, Dadi explains that it is the right thing as she knows of her rituals because the modern generation even ridicule the religious sentiments, so she is happy that Kartika is trying to fulfill them all.

Maira is seeing Karan from behind the corner, Rishab notices it and so feels award, he goes to her asking why she is worried, he asks if she was looking at Karan, she explains that she was looking at Karan like a fan, he explains that she should go and explain to him that she is her fan and likes him, Rishab gets worried, she immediately explains that she only likes him as a fan. Maira says that she feels Sherlin is looking for him but she is actually searching for Prithvi.

Sherlin goes to Rishab then Maira tries to leave, Samer also calls Rishab, Maira takes the photo of Karan which makes Sherlin curious of the reason she is doing it. Akshay comes asking for his help as Kartika is beating him, he explains that he will also beat him if he does not listen to Kartika.

Karan gets a call for which he leaves outside then the dancers enter, the house, he feels that it is Preeta behind the veil.Shrishti is searching for her dress she decides to look in Preeta wardrobe, where she finds the cloth which she purchased at the Mandir, She thinks that the red clothes are worn at the karwa chow but Preeta would not have bought it then she might have been gifted it by someone at the function which is happening at the Kumkum Bhagya hall, however she is confused as it is a private thing. As they are worn by those who keep the fast, she wonders where Preeta is.

Preeta is a at the house, Karan is looking at her, she removers how they got married where he promised to always remain by his side, he comes to stand at her face, Karina ask what happened to him, and the reason why he looking like this at the dancers/Sanjana asks what he is thinking of, she explains that he is constantly looking at them so does this mean that he has likes any one of them so they should talk with them. He leaves after which the dancers are taken inside.

Preeta sees Dadi so goes to take her blessings, the dancer explains that Preeta would ruin their function, then she explains that dadi has a resemblance to her grandmother so she wanted to take her blessing, dadi gives her blessing which brings tears in her eyes.Kartika is trying to apologize to Akshay but he is adamant that she should not have let Karan make fun of him, he tries to leave but they bump into Maira where Samer also joins them.

Maria takes Kartika away.Maira tries to explain to Kartika that Akshay is not the right choice for him as he is not the right guy for him, she explains that he is way too much dominating, then she asks her to think of herself.

This is Fate 2nd September 2020 Update ends as Sherlin spies on them both then she wonders why Maira is acting as if she cares a lot of Kartika, she plans to keep an eye on her as she does not want another Preeta in the house




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