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This is Fate 25 August 2020 Update

This is Fate 25 August 2020 Update
This is Fate 25 August 2020 Update Zee World

This is Fate 25 August 2020 Update starts as Sarla asks Janki to take care of her belongings as she will do the rest of the work tomorrow, Bi jee asks Shrishti to prepare tea for her she is about to go, there is a knock on the door she opens it and finds Preeta standing, they all ask her to come in she does not say anything, they all ask her what has happened and if Prithvi has done something, they all pledge to never forgive him, Sarla asks her to give her the phone.

Maira is in her room looking at the photos of Karan, Kartika is walking by she asks her why is she in Karan’s room and what is she doing with his album, Maira at first declines that she was looking at his photos but Kartika asks what is the matter, she starts to make excuses to which Kartika asks if she has feeling for Karna but Maira leaves without saying anything, Kartika goes after her.

Shrishti is continuously asking her about what has happened, they all are asking but Preeta doesn’t say anything, Shrishti speculates that it will be Prithvi, but Bi jee is saying that they might have gotten in a fight, She ask Sarla whom she is calling, Sarla says that she is calling Karna as she feels something bad has happened and it is not just a fight,

Samer is going back in a cab where he sees Karan, he immediately goes to him asking what has happened and where is Preeta. Sarla is calling Karan when Preeta runs to take the phone from her, Sarla asks her to give back the phone as she wants to ask him why she came back, Shrishti is explaining that she feels Prithvi is behind everything,

Preeta exclaims that it is not his fault and Karan was behind everything, he married her but not to take her to his house rather to take revenge, also everything that he said in the Mandap was a lie, she cries after leaning on her shoulder, Sarla consoles her saying that’s he has done nothing wrong as her entire family is with her she has done nothing which will lead to her getting this punishment, she asks her ton calm down ordering Shrishti to go to her room and relax.

When Preeta leaves she turns to Bio jee hugging her and crying, Sarla says that she told him to make sure that Preeta doesn’t cry but he has done something really wrong, she leaves in anger.Samer is asking Karan where Preeta is, he yells at him asking why he is feeling so much worry for her an not seeing what she has done to their family, eh again asks him to which Karan replies that he has left her on the way and thrown her from his life.Samer says that he had just gotten married and also explained that he loved her but why has he done such a thing, he exclaims that he has done something which is really wrong,

Karan tries to scold him but he says that he has always stood by him but what he has done today is really wrong and he will not stand by him, Karan says that he wants to know why he married Preeta, eh did this because he wanted to take revenge for the pain which his mother felt when his father got into the accident, he wanted to make sure that her mother cry the same way his mother did.

Samer is saying that he loves her but Karan is not accepting it, Samer ask what he will say when they come to ask the reason, Karan answers that he has given the answer and implicated such pain to her family that they will not forget, he asks Samer to drive the car and when he enters Samer is shocked to see the broken bangle in the car.

Preeta is hugging Shrishti, they all remember the moment where she left the house with Karan, Preeta says that it has never happened before that a newly married girl came back after marrying so early. She asks Bi jee where her mother is, she replies that she went outside and did not listen to anything that she said.

Sarla is ringing the bell of Luthra house, Sherlin is walking saying that all the members are sleeping and she has to get up, she opens to find Sarla standing asking what she is doing at her house and does she have any sense that she should not ring the bell in such a manner. Sherlin does not allow her to enter, Sarla says that she has to talk to Karan Sherlin warns her that if she tries to enter then she will call the guards.

Sarla does not seem to care answering that she can call anyone she wants but she will not leave without talking to Karan, she enters the house yelling Karan’s name without listening to any threats given by Sherlin.

Karina comes asking what has happened, she asks Sarla what is she doing un their house, Rakhi comes asking what has happened, Karina stops her saying that she along with her daughters has destroyed the house, she knows how to deal with them, Sarla says that it is Karan who is dishonest and he took the benefit of her trust, Karina stops her warning that if she says anything then it will have consequences, Karina speculates that he might have insulted her at the wedding. This is Fate 25 August 2020

Karina wonders what if Karan went to their wedding and made them see who they are, she ask Karina why is she quiet and what if Prithvi came to know of the truth of Preeta and refused to marry her, Sarla says that she is always saying nonsense regarding Preeta but it is Karan who is not a nice person.

Karina explains that she at first wanted Preeta to marry Rishab but then when he got married to Sherlin she sent her after Karan, but now is wondering what will happen as both her daughter are at her house, she might consider them a burden but it doesn’t happen at their society.Maira is crying her heart out.

Kartika is left confused she goes to ask what has happened then Maira hugs her which marks Kartika realize that what she thought was true and she likes him,

Maira says that she is right and Maria likes him a lot, she explains that when Preeta came to inform them of her wedding he got really mad, she thought that he would never marry Preeta so how did he marry her and why it happened, she explains that she came to live with them only because she wanted to live with Karan but never got the chance and faced all the difficulties by herself still she never got the chance to explain her feelings to her.

Dadi says that she cannot believe it and he cannot marry Preeta, Karina is also not able to believe it, Sherlin says that she is lying and would have married someone else whom she is calling Karan, Sarla says that she can ask those who were there in the Mandap, Sarla explains all the things which he said about his love for Preeta.

Rakhi comes to her saying that she should be happy that Karan has married Preeta because their generation would go to any standard they want to get what wish.

Karina refuses saying that she doesn’t believe in this marriage and even her society will not believe what has happened, she knows that their middle class society will never stand up to them, Sarla says to Karina that she is also a mother and what if what has happened to Preeta happen to her daughter.

Rakhi assures that she would never let her feel disappointed as Preeta is her daughter in law, Sarla explains that she will never get the chance as her son after taking Preeta with him threw her out of the car leaving her stranded on the roadside, Karina and Sherlin both start to smile.

Karina says that he did what she wanted as he took the revenge of the accident which happened with her brother, Sarla gets shocked saying that she came to ask Karan why he did such heinous act and now has come to realize that they all are the same and have never taught him how to respect a women, she is blaming them all that they are really bad people with no character,

She gets a call from Preeta who asks where she is and when she comes to know that Sarla is at Karan’s home she request the she come back immediately but Sarla explains that she will not come back until she has asked Karan why he did this to her daughter. Karina again starts a quarrel but Sarla replies her with the same tone in which she taunted Sarla. This is Fate 25 August 2020

Sarla is adamant that she will come back only after talking with Karan, Preeta pleads that she not talk to him and come back home, Preeta makes her promise that she is coming back because if she does not then she will leave the house after which Preeta agrees, Sarla turns back saying that she will come back and ask Karan why he did such a thing, Sherlin says that she will now talk with her and she will listen,

Sherlin explains that Karan should not have married Preeta as this gives them a chance to stand in front of them, the reason they always come to their house is because of someone’s goodwill gesture, Sarla gets frustrated and slaps her for what she said, she gets stunned about what has happened, Karina is also left stunned.

Sarla says to Sherlin that she might mind her language, Dadi goes to Sarla saying that she is now the daughter in law of their house and she should talk after thinking what she says , Sarla gets quiet but turns to Karina saying that she will come back, Karina warns her to never come back again.

This is Fate 25 August 2020 Update ends as Sarla explains that she also doesn’t want to come but is forced to after what Karan did to them, so will come back, Karina defends Karan by saying that he is a very nice boy and whenever

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