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Scripture Union Daily Guide 25th August 2020 – Slave Or Free?

Scripture Union Daily Guide 25th August 2020

Scripture Union Daily Guide 25th August 2020 – Slave Or Free?

OPENING PRAYER: Dear Lord, may the entrance of your word bring light and life to all I will do today.

SCRIPTURE: 1 Kings 9:15–28

• What is God revealing to me in this passage?


This passage is an account of the labour involved when King Solomon built the various structures. Read vv.20–21 and find out the kind of people he made slaves. King Solomon made a distinction between these foreigners and the citizens of Israel. They were made slaves while the people of Israel were given prominent positions in the society (v.22; c.f. Leviticus 25:39).

The achievements of King Solomon in terms of development are listed in vv.15–19 and 26–28. However, success has a way of diverting people’s focus away from God. This is probably one of the reasons God was reminding Solomon about his relationship with him and the covenant on which that relationship was established. How does his subsequent action reflect the importance of God’s warning (see vv.16&24)?

Solomon’s alliance with Egypt included marriage of Pharaoh’s daughter, a race with which marriage was prohibited. Success both in ministry and other areas requires care in decision–making. There is no free gift from the world.

Usually, there are strings attached. We need to prayerfully and carefully weigh our promises and involvement so that they do not become baits from the enemy to cause our downfall. In v.25, we see that Solomon was careful to worship the Lord as required of him. How committed are we to our Christian worship and service?

⁂ Any new insight or reinforcement of what you already know?

Practice/Word Application
• And So: Work for Christ out of gratitude for His sacrifice for you.

Today’s Prayer
• Pray for Christian leaders to be sensitive and prayerful in decision making.
• Pray against errors, false doctrines and unhealthy competition among Church leaders.
• Offer a prayer of faith in line with John 14:26

Read the Bible in one Year
Psalms 119:89–176; 2 Cor. 5

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Scripture Union Daily Guide 24th August 2020

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