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Zara’s Nikah 29 July 2020 Update

Zara’s Nikah 29 July 2020 Update
Zara’s Nikah 29 July 2020 Update on Zee World

Zara’s Nikah 29 July 2020 Update starts as Kabir comes to Ruksaar’s room, he sees Miraj there and asks what he is doing there? Miraj says Ruksaar was trying to kill herself so me and Zeenat stopped her.

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Kabir says she wont have to do suicide, I wont spare her, he drags her from there.Miraj grabs Zeenat and says if you try to tell anything to Kabir about anything then forget seeing your son again. Zara’s Nikah 29 July 2020 Update

Kabir drags Ruksaar and throws her in lounge, he break things. Zara asks him to calm down. Zeenat says I know Ruksaar did a sin, please leave her. Kabir says I wont spare her, she is a daughter of this house, we raised her, Zara tries to stop him. Kabir says see who is stopping me? the one whom you tried to kill, she is my wife. he says to Zeenat that Ruksaar made Zara’s fake profile, got Siraj behind her, put Zara’s life in danger, she came to Kashmir and tries to threw Zara from cliff, he tells them everything.

Ayesha slaps Ruksaar and says we raised you like a daughter and you tried to destroy this house? if I was your real mother then I would have dug you life in grave. Zara says to Ruksaar that if you have any respect then leave this house otherwise we will call police. Ruksar pushes her away and says I will go to jail but Shahbaz closed the file of Kashmir’s case so he will go to jail too. All are stunned. Ruksaar says to Kabir that I am not at fault only, Shahbaz was involved in every plot.

Kabir says my father can never do that, he recalls how Shahbaz closed Siraj’s case, he asks Shahbaz why he did it? Shahbaz says I was not part of her sin, I tried to stop the investigation because I know she tried to kill Zara but I didnt want her to go to jail because people think her as our daughter, she is our respect but this girl doesnt praise any well wisher. Kabir says but I am your son and Zara is my wife, she tried to kill Zara.

Miraj says I am sure Shahbaz is not at fault in all this, Ruksaar you cant prove this lie as a truth. Zeenat tries to answer him but recalls how he threatened her. Kabir says I will call police. Ayesha says I know she is our criminal but her biggest crime is against Zara, Zara should decide what to do with her, she asks Zara to take one hour and decide Ruksaar’s punishment, all leave. Zeenat hugs Ruksaar and cries.

Miraj gets Ruksaar’s message that she will not let his face remain hidden. Miraj messages someone to meet him at hotel. Zara’s Nikah 29 July 2020 Update

Kabir comes to Zara who is looking over the city and says pretty. She asks when did you come? He says when you were looking over beauty of this city. Zara says this city is peaceful. Kabir says once you tell your decision then we will have peaceful like as much as you want, Zara hugs him and says you should decide what to do with Ruksaar, she did so much against you, because of her you got beaten, even have wound marks, Kabir hugs her and says she is your criminal, you should take decision and your decision will be mine too. He holds her hand, they start playing thumb vs. thumb game and argue cutely. Kabir hugs her, she smiles.

Shahbaz arrive to restaurant, they sit down, he calls for juice and says to Miraj that your face doesnt show you are fasting, Miraj nods. Miraj says I know my limits but I want to cross them, Shahbaz asks what? Miraj says I want to help you regarding Ruksaar. Shahbaz says I dont need your help, he turns to leave but Miraj says the good skills you want to see in Kabir and Hamdan, I have all those, you should trust me. Shahbaz says you are my son’s friend so I am ready to trust you and see how can I help you, he leaves. Miraj says with his help, his son and daughter in law’s life will be less.

Ruksaar and Zeenat comes to lounge. Miraj comes there. Shahbaz asks him to be a part of their discussion. Kabir asks Zara to say what she wants to. Zara says my heart wants to punish her but I have decided what to do. Zara says like daughters leave house, Ruksaar will be sent after marriage too, Ruksaar will marry Hamdan and she will leave this house forever, I will file FIR on Ruksaar for her deeds but after she is gone to Dubai after getting married so if she tries to come to India back then she will be sent to jail. Zeenat clutches Ruksaar’s hand.

Ayesha says so its decided she will get married. Zeenat says I agree for her marriage but whatever Ruksaar thinks about KAbir and what she has done with Kabir, Hamdan should know about it. Ayesha says what are you saying? Zeenat says yes, I dont want to keep Hamdan in dark, I dont want fingers pointing at Ruksaar later. Kabir says Zeenat is right, hiding truth is a bigger sin than lying so me and Zara will tell truth to Hamdan.

Zara and Kabir meets Hamdan. Zara says to Hamdan that Ruksaar wanted to marry Kabir since childhood, I didnt want you to get to know it from somewhere else so we told you, Kabir says last decision will be yours.

Kabir and Zara comes back home, they see Ayesha preparing to go to Hamdan’s house for haldi ceremony. She asks Zeenat, Kabir and Zara to go with her. They are surprised that Hamdan and his family accepted the proposal even after everything.

Ayesha is leaving house with family. She is tensed to leave Ruksaar home alone but Kabir says she will be fine. Ruksaar comes out of her room and sees family members going for haldi ceremony.

Zara and family comes to Hamdan’s house for mehndi. Zara greets his mother. Zeenat comes there and sees Hamdan smiling at people, she thinks Hamdan is no less than Kabir. Zara comes to her and says you are thinking right, he is a nice guy. Zeenat looks on and smiles being satisfied for her sister.

Ruksaar is in her room, she goes hysteric recalling how Zara and Kabir confirmed her marriage, she break things and cries, she says no Kabir dont do this with me.

Ruksaar comes to lounge, there is no one home but she feels like someone is following her.

Hamdan’s haldi ceremony starts, alina applies haldi to him. Ayesha applies it and says I hope you and Ruksaar remain happy.

Ruksaar takes knife and stands on balcony railing, she starts walking on thin railing. Shahbaz comes home and sees her. He asks what she is doing? you want to jump down? I would suggest you to not jump, height is not much, you wont die only bones will break. He holds her hand and brings her down. They hear heavy storm outside, Shahbaz says life is not a game that you keep putting it on risk, its a treasure that you should use everyday with cleverness. Ruksaar says I used to think same but someone snatched my treasure.

Shahbaz says you dont understand anything but keep crying over a moon, where can I get you a moon? I have taken you as a daughter and I would suggest that even still we can mend things, forget everything, we will forget too, your new life is waiting for you, get married to Hamdan and enjoy your new life. Ruksaar you want me to leave Zara and Kabir’s life and go to Dubai to live my life? He says yes.

Ruksaar says okay I will do it as you say but I will do it my way, I have a condition, I want one crore rupees to go from here, you gave 1 crore to Zara in mehar, you take me as your daughter so give 1 crore as dowry to me.

Shahbaz says what will you do with that money? Ruksaar says I will go away from my Zara and Kabir’s life, I will live my life in Dubai, I will spend my life with Kabir’s memories but I will not marry Hamdan. Kabir comes home and hears all that. Ruksaar and Shahbaz doesnt see him but he heard Ruksaar’s condition.

Zara applies haldi to Hamdan and says congrats and thank you. Hamdan thinks that even after meeting me, if Ruksaar thinks about Kabir then to hell with me. Zara asks what he is thinking? he says I trust you and Kabir, I will keep Ruksaar happy. Zara jokes that Ruksaar’s magic is working.

Kabir comes to Ruksaar and says what are you saying? you want the money? what will you do? you will start a business in Dubai? you know about it? a wife’s life revolves around husband, she should build a life with him, stop this stubbornnes, your life is not with me, you should be with Hamdan, start your life with him, make a new life there. Shahbaz says Kabir is right, you should move on in your life, as promised I will give you 1 crore rupees but you will get it only on marriage day with Hamdan, stop thinking that you are not getting married, when you marry Hamdan then you will get the money, he leaves.

Kabir says to Ruksaar that I know dreaming is good but losing yourself in it is bad, you know me and Zara didnt want to marry each other but we compromised, you do it, maybe you will start living happily with your partner one day. He leaves from there. Ruksaar is in tears.

Shahbaz comes to meet Miraj and requests Miraj for a favor. He discusses with Miraj that he wants something from Hamdan. Kabeer comes to greet Ammi and asks how their function was. Everyone turn to see Rukhsar come there. Ammi sends Zeenat to shift all the gifts to Rukhsar’s room. Kabeer helps Zara in holding some of the boxes as she has done enough. Zara congratulates Rukhsar. After everyone has left, Rukhsar throws the chunri away.

In the kitchen, Zara sits on the kitchen cabinet while Kabeer was there. She says everything seems changed tonight, can’t they do something that turns everything beautiful. Kabeer says surely, they can surely pray before fast. Kabeer reminds her to respect the fast as it prohibits being intimate as well.

Zara’s Nikah 29 July 2020 Update ends as Zara was mischievous and drags Kabeer to their room where she blows water bubbles around him. She then asks him to read verse 187 of Surah Baqarah in Al Quran. Kabeer asks if she doesn’t know, then repeats; “it is allowed for men to go near their wives in the nights of Ramadan”.

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