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Billy Graham Devotions 16th July 2020 - Solving the Problem

Billy Graham Devotions 16th July 2020 – Solving the Problem


SCRIPTURE: Lord, grant us peace; for all we have and are has come from you. —Isaiah 26:12 (TLB)

TODAY’S MESSAGE: Only a few years ago children were delighted at the prospect of a trip to the wharves to see the great ships come in. Today they are blasé about helicopters and jet planes. We who once marveled at the telegraph now take for granted the far greater miracle of television. Not so long ago many of the physical diseases were termed hopeless and incurable.

Today we have drugs so effective that age-old diseases are becoming rare. We have accomplished much, of that there is no doubt. But with all this progress, we have not solved the basic problem of the human race. We can build the highest buildings, the fastest ships, the longest bridges—but we still can’t govern ourselves, or live together peacefully and with equality.

Is a better, more peaceable world really possible?

Prayer for the Day: In loving and being loved by You, there is all I have longed for, my Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Billy Graham Devotions 15th July 2020

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