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Jodha Akbar 29 June 2020 Update
Jodha Akbar 29 June 2020 Update – Hamida offers namaz and prays to god that give jalal strength that he chooses right path and win every war, atgah and todar comes to meet her, todar says I don’t know how to talk to you but I have to tell you about war, atgah says we got to know who is helping nigaar in this war, its none other than mahachuchak, hamida says I knew that she doesn’t like me and jalal but she cant go to such extent, now I know who is probing nigaar against jalal, she is starting war against jalal, its betrayal.

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Jalal cant bear this, todar says that jalal said no when we asked to do war against nigaar and now if he gets to know about mahaC then.. hamida says I know he will be broken by this news but king jalal have to answer this act, atgah says if you make jalal understand then it will be good, hamida agrees to talk to jalal.

Jalal comes in court and ask hamida that why did call all people to talk to me, hamida says I don’t want to talk to my son but I want to address king jalal, we got to know that who is helping nigaar in war, mahachuchak is doing this, she wants your throne, all are stunned, atgah ask jalal to order us what to to do, jalal says my mother, my sister wants to do war against me, my GOd, todar says they don’t respect relations, if it was only nigaar we could say that she is angry but now they are attacking your saltant.

Hamida says if we stay silent against betrayers than people will think that king is not able to protect them, you have to take decision, atgah ask to give permission for war. jalal says being king I have duty to protect my people. jalal says I always respected my relatives but my relatives didn’t reciprocate back, if my mother ans sister is threat to my nation then king jalal’s sword will not sit quietly.. mirza tensely looks at jalal, jalal says enough, now I cant stay silent, what they think that I will not do anything, they can kill me but I wont let them to kill my people, king jalal is announcing war against them, all ministers take out their swords expect mirza.

Mali and nigaar comes to meet mahaC, they greet her, mahaC says to haider that I want to be alone with nigaar, haider says but I am your.. beg says its her order and she doesn’t like to listen no, haider angrily leaves.

Maham says to adham that this war is not going to be easy, the much I know mahac, she will put her 100% in this war, this is going to be dangerous, adham says I have to go in this war, I have to fight from jalal’s side, strange the king I want to kill, I have to fight for him,what if something happens to me, maham says no nothing will happen, jalal has decided to leave some soldiers in palace, I will try that you stay in palace only, maham says if jalal wins or loses this war in both cases we will win.

MahaC says to nigaar congrats, you started war in agra and came safely here, she shows her blood and says this blood is of people who were loyal to jalal,someday you will sit on agra’s throne, nigaar says its my wish, mahaC says you have to fight till end, nigaar says you trust me and I will not let you down, she ask beg to take nigaar to her room, she ask mali that my sister and your wife is waiting for you, he nods, mahaC says I am waiting fro the day when nigaar will win agra and will give it to me, I will be the queen.

Jodha says to salima that I am sad for mirza, he was very sad when hamida told about mahaC, salima says mirza loves jalal and his mother so he must be sad, salima says I don’t understand why mahaC is doing this, she is going against humuyun too, jalal comes there and says I don’t have much time, I am very tense about mirza, he is very sad, jodha says we were talking about it, jalal says he loves his mother a lot, he must be worried to choose from brother and mother, jodha says its same situation for you too, jalal says yes but I am king. he leaves.

Atgah gives report to jalal about Mughal force and their weapon, atgah says that our soldiers are spread in different regions so our force is less in numbers then mahaC, jalal says yes it is but our power is much more, if we use our soldiers wisely then we will win it, atgah tells him about mahaC’s force, he says that they are coming to agra. mirza comes there, mirza says my saltanat is being attacked so I will fight, jalal says but she is your mother, mirza says she is your mother too but you are also dong war, you are protecting your nation and I will do the same, I will bury my mother after she dies but now I have to fight against her.

Atgah sasy there is one problem, to protect harem women we have to leave some soldiers here too,jalal says so we have to keep soldiers here too but I don’t have force so its my decision that harem will come with me,todar says it can be dangerous for them, jalal says harem can be attacked when I am not here so its safe that they come with me.

Jalal comes to harem women, he says you all know that I need force with me to fight in battle and to protect you I cant leave you in harem, so you all will come with me, hamida says is it safe for women? jalal says shehnaz knows this palace very well, she can attack palace so you all have to come with me, salima agrees with jalal. jalal says to all women that your protection is my responsibility, you all have to leave the palace as soon as possible, maham anga its your responsibility to take out all wives of harem from palace, maham nods.

Jalal is getting ready in his room, jodha comes and gives him parsad, jalal ask did your puja finish so fast today? jodha says today I have to do one more puja, shastra puja as your are going for a war, she does jalal’s aarti and sings bhajan, she praises jalal in aarti bhajan, she puts red color on his sword and gives it to him, jalal takes it and looks at jodha.

Jodha Akbar 29 June 2020 Update continues as jalal says to jodha that what you asked today in prayers, jodha says I pray that you win war and also nigaar’s heart, I hope you come after winning war, jalal says I am sorry, I have to take to battlefield, jodha says I am your wife, I will happy to come with you, jalal says I don’t know whether I will able to fight against my sister but still you were with me in this situation, thanks, jodha says I will be with you always, jalal says today I am alone, you are with me but I am running saltant alone, I would want my heir to run this government with me, jodha blushes.

All women are packing their stuffs, one wife ask till when this war will go on, ruks says I don’t know, this is war, pray to god that this war ends fast and don’t think about your cloths and jewelry, we are not going for celebrations, so just take what is needful there, just take things of 10seer(seer is unit of weight in those times). maham comes there and says I have one suggestion that harem should not go on war like this, ruks says jalal ordered that he doesn’t want someone attack palace in his absence, also you seem happy with this war, maham says no one likes war and if you ask women of harem they will say that they don’t want to go on war, will they be able to bear war, ruks says you all have 2 options that to either stay here in your comfortable beds or come with jalal as his support.

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Chand begum is pleading to let her go to her daughter, soldier says that this women is of no use now, he kills her, it turns out be bad dream of nigaar, she gets up and says I am unlucky that I couldn’t free you from jalal’s clutches, mahaC comes to her and ask what happened, you got afraid of me? nigaar says no I got afraid because of bad dream, they were beating my mother, mahaC says don’t rely on dream which you see with closed eyes, fulfill dream which you have seen from open eyes, you are distracting from war, 1st take revenge from them, bring jalal in feet of your mother, then he will beg infront of your mother.

Jodha is packing her stuff, jodha feels dizzy and sit on bed, moti ask dasi to bring doctor, jodha feels like vomiting, doctor comes there and checks jodha, doctor smiles and informs jodha that congrats you are going to be mother, jodha and moti are surprised, jodha gets up happily and touches her belly. doctor says I will inform hamida and will get my gift, jodha stops her and says you will not tell her this, moti ask why, jodha says after much difficulty jalal agreed to go n war against his sister, if he gets to know that I am pregnant then he can stop the war, I don’t want jalal to flow in emotions, I will tell him after war, moti says so many days?

Jodha says you remember when sharif attacked amer, bhabhi didn’t tell about her pregnancy, we are rajvanshi, I have to become jalal’s strength not weakness, for future of nation I have to hide this news from jalal, she request doctor to not tell this to anyone, doctor says when you can do so much then also I will not tell this till war, jodha thanks her and gives her ring, jodha thinks that I hope I took right decision, dasi comes to jodha and says bakshi wants to go with jalal on wa, jodha says but its her last days of pregnancy, dasi says she is not listening anyone, jodha says moti you go and ask jalal to stop bakshi, moti says you take care.

Jodha comes to bakshi and ask where are you going, bakshi says its order that whole harem will go and I am part of it, jodha says this is not good for your child, bakshi says I have thought of it and I am going, jalal says no, I don’t know much but I know that in last days women cant go on journeys, I cant take risk with your child, bakshi says I think it will be good if I come with you, jalal says I am taking harem for security and I understand that its not safe for you to come, I have listend that starting 3 months of pregnancy and last months are crucial.

Jodha gets lost in thinking, jalal ask her what happened, are you thinking that you will stay here with bakshi? jodha sys no I will accompany you, jalal says then make bakshi understand that she cant come and also sharif will stay with you, I don’t know when I will be father but I will become uncle soon, jodha thinks I wish I could tell jalal that he is becoming father but now king is more needed then a father.

Moti says I don’t think that you should go on journey in this state, jodha says be quit, jalal wants me there and I will go, she prays to kahna that sorry I didn’t tell anyone this good news but I want jalal to focus on war and save his nation.

All harem women comes towards the gate of palace, all shahi wives and women sit in their respective palanquin, atgah, munim comes there then jalal alongwith todar and mirza comes there. adham comes to maham and says you promised that you will not le me go to war, maham says but jalal is taking whole harem what could I do, adham says nothing work for you, he leaves, jalal is passing by jodha’s palanquin, he looks at her, jodha nods him to be careful, jalal greet kahna idol and leaves from there, their caravan starts their journey towards war, jodha that protection of Mughal sultant is in your hands kahna, please save it.

Voiceover says that the king won over a brother and jalal started his journey to do war with nigaar.
soul talk- jalal says if I would have known that you were pregnant then I wouldn’t have gone to war.
jodha’s soul says that’s why I didn’t tell you this news, I wanted you to save your nation.
jalal’s soul says that this is the unique thing in you that you hide things for betterment of others but our relation was like this that we get to know thing about each other without saying it.

Jodha Akbar 29 June 2020 Update ends as Nigaar and mali gets to know that jalal is coming for war and harem is with him, nigaar says that in war you need soldiers to fight, will he fight alongwith his women? I have gone through a lot, me and my mother has suffered a lot but jalal is wrong in thinking that I am a women and I am weak no I will fight with him, I am a Mughal too, I have practiced a lot for this day that’s why mahaC has given me her whole force, nigaar says to mali that let Mughal women come here, I will show them, I will capture them and will put them in prison like jalal has done with my mother. then a queen will be owner of Mughal saltanat, mali angrily looks at her.

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