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Gangaa 26 June 2020 Update on Zee World

Gangaa 26 June 2020 Update
Gangaa 26 June 2020 Update on Zee World

The episode starts as Madhvi calls out for Niru and Pulkit. Everyone rushes upstairs.

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Niru reads the letter that Amma ji has left for them. I blame myself for whatever happened yesterday. Such a wrong thing happened because of my mistake. I forgot the rules of widow life even though I used to instruct Ganga always. I may have done it unintentionally but I am responsible for it. I want to do penitence. I am leaving for Vrindavan. I will spend the rest of my life there in a widow ashram. Don’t worry about me.

Sagar notices the other side of the letter. It is written by Babu by Ganga. Amma ji blames herself for Bahu ji’s loss. She made me write this letter. Come home asap. Only you can stop Amma ji. It is good if you come on time or where will you look for us in that big city. There are many Ashram’s there. How will you find us there then? Amma ji will not be able to say no to you. Niru regrets being rude with his mother. I knew she will never hurt anyone yet I dint think!

  • Gangaa 26 June 2020 Update on Zee World

Ganga asks Amma ji about Vrindavan. Where will we stay? Amma ji tells her to be quiet. Ganga wishes Babu comes soon. Madhvi wants to go with Niru to the bus stand. I wont stay here. She is upset with me. Shanta Dadi wonders why Kanta did this.

The bus is about to leave. Amma ji asks Ganga to come. Ganga talks to Jalebi Prasad. How will I study in Vrindavan. How will I become a big lawyer like Babu? We will have to beg there. What do I do now? I cannot leave Amma ji alone in this condition. She has high fever. Amma ji tells Ganga to stay back but Ganga denies.

Niru, Pulkit, Madhvi and Sagar look for Amma ji and Ganga in different directions. Amma ji and Ganga sit in the bus. Niru and the kids check every single bus. Ganga wishes that Babu comes soon. Don’t be upset with me Sagar. I never thought I will have to leave like this. I couldn’t even meet you for the last time. Sagar too rues the same. How can you (Ganga) leave without meeting me? Madhvi too enquires about them with every passerby. The bus for Vrindavan gets ready to leave. Gangaa 26 June 2020 Update

Ganga thinks that she wont be able to meet anyone now. Sagar notices Jalebi Prasad looking out from the bus window. He chases the bus as he calls out for Ganga. Ganga hears his voice. Amma ji also hears him. Sagar falls down. Amma ji makes the driver stop the bus. She rushes to Sagar. Niru and everyone too rush to him. Sagar assures them that he is fine. Why were you breaking your promise? You promised that we will always stay together. How can you leave me then?

Madhvi too says I am a stranger to you but Niru and the kids are your own kids only. I always considered you as my mother. How can a mother be inauspicious for her daughter? Niru too requests his mother not to punish him this way. Pulkit says no one is going anywhere. He brings Amma ji’s trunk down. Sagar affirms. We will all stay together always. Madhvi too asks Amma ji to come.

Ganga too requests Amma ji. Amma ji apologizes to Madhvi and Niru. Madhvi tells her not to do so. Niru realises she has fever. Let us go to doc. Amma ji refuses to eat the medicine given by doc. Ganga gives her her medicines. Amma ji finds a bottle in her bag. This isn’t mine. Niru checks it. It is someone else’s. Amma ji asks Ganga where she found it. Ganga says this is the medicine that was given to Bahu ji. Amma ji is taken aback. I dint give this. I gave another medicine.

Ganga nods. I know it already. Your Jiji gave this one. Everyone is shocked. I saw her mixing this medicine in the milk. She threw it in dustbin when Bahu ji was taken to hospital. I thought this is yours so I picked it up.

Prabha calls up Ratan to inform him about Madhvi. Shanta Dadi keeps acting. Kanta wont do anything like this intentionally but how can we stop something that is predestined! Don’t know what was in that vaid’s medicine? AMma ji steps in just then. I will tell you. She shows her the bottle. Do you recognize it? Shanta Dadi fumbles. Amma ji says Bahu lost her kid because of this medicine that you brought home. I wasn’t at fault. Why did you cheat me? You are my own elder sister. Why did you do all this to me?

Shanta Dadi asks her if she saw her doing it with her own eyes. Ganga says I saw you mixing something in milk once Amma ji left from the kitchen. You threw it in dustbin later. Shanta Dadi calls her a liar. Ganga knew it already. We have brought someone along as proof. Vaid ji and the same cheater guy walk inside. The guy agrees selling her fake medicine. Vaid ji scolds him for he has harmed people in the past as well. Sagar tells everyone about Shanta Dadi.

Madhvi is hurt. I trusted you so much yet you gave me such a big pain. I will never be able to forget it all my life. Why did you do it? Amma ji too questions her sister.

Shanta Dadi’s husband comes there. I will tell you why she did all that. It was good that Sagar called home yesterday. Your own son and DIL don’t respect you so you came here to disrupt your sister’s house? This is the truth. Our DIL misbehaves with Shanta. My son listens to his wife only. They have to respect me as I am the only earning member of the family.

Shanta pretends to be happy but this isn’t the truth. She is very hurt from inside. He questions his wife once again. Shanta Dadi breaks down. Everyone feels bad for her. She runs to her room.

Gangaa 26 June 2020 Update ends as Shanta Dadi has locked her door from inside. She is crying badly. Everyone else is gathered outside. Amma ji asks her to open the door. You have to open it for your younger sister. Please open the door.

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