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Billy Graham Devotions 6th June 2020 - His Best For You

Billy Graham Devotions 6th June 2020 – His Best For You


SCRIPTURE: . . . do the good things that result from being saved, obeying God . . . —Philippians 2:12 (TLB)


It takes no poll for those of us who have communicated with young people to know the devastation that permissive sexual activity generally causes. It becomes a cancer in the bodies and minds and characters of those who indulge, almost without exception.

And there are other victims, such innocent bystanders as parents, grandparents, old family friends, teachers, and advisers, all much more concerned than you can understand. They want only the best for you. Anything less than a happy marital voyage gives them pain. The wisdom of their years says that premarital relations are always a mistake.

The Bible teaches that God created sex. He made “male and female.” Then it says, “God saw every thing that He had made, and behold, it was very good.” This included the natural sexual attraction between the man and woman He had created.

Therefore, sex is not sin! It is God’s gift to the human race. It is for procreation; for enjoyment within the bonds of matrimony; for the fulfillment of married love.

Read ‘God’s View of Sex: A Message From Billy Graham.’

Prayer for the day: All the gifts You have given us are to be enjoyed, within the structure of Your commandments, heavenly Father. Keep me always conscious of Your teachings.

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