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Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 Update
Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 Update on Zee World

Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 Update starts as Vaidika and Sahil sit in the pooja together. Anjana makes Vaidika place her hand beneath Sahil’s. She notices Sahil was smiling while lost staring at Vaidika. After the pooja, Sahil day dreams Vaidika brings the meal to dinner table. Sahil appreciated the food she had cooked. Bari Amma called her as a daughter of the family. Bari Amma left her chair for Vaidika on the table as well. Everyone was happy about it. The dream was broken as Pandit ji announces that Sahil is safe now.

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Vaidika takes the permission to leave and walks out of the house. Sahil comes to Anjana. She was happy that everything is fine. Sahil complains that Vaidika sat in the pooja but Anjana didn’t even thank her, Vaidika always prove that marrying her is the best decision of his life.

Bari Amma fumes in the room. Nidhi says soon everyone would go against Bari Amma. Anjana would then rule the house with her son and her elderly daughter. What will happen to her, and Bari Amma then? Bari Amma insists she is the elder of this house, she will be heard in this house always. Vaidika can never win over her. Though she is a cunning woman, but soon she will have to push Sahil out of her house. She promises that in next twenty days if Vaidika doesn’t go against Sahil she will get her head shaved in front of whole Kanpur.

Sahil comes behind Vaidika and walks beside her. Vaidika asks Sahil if he wants another drama again, he wish to play with her emotions. It’s because of him and not his mother. She does not want another problem in her life. Sahil questions why then came into the pooja, she could have let him die. Vaidika turns to leave annoyed, then asks why he always want the attention. Not everything is about him only. She walks away.

At Agarwal house, Anjana stood in the room in apology. She was ready to fell in Bari Amma’s feet as well, but she only intended to save the life of her son. Bari Amma says today Anjana has shown she is the real mother of Sahil and snatched her son. Anjana says she can’t think about this even in dreams. She hurt her only because of Sahil today. Bari Amma tells Anjana to apologize Nidhi, she broke her heart and was unjust to this daughter in law. Gauri comes to the room and was shocked to hear this. Bari Amma asks Anjana to fell into Nidhi’s feet and apologize her.

Sahil sat at the roadside when Vaidika comes to him. He places a hand over his face not to get slapped, then teases if she couldn’t live without him. Vaidika says he is a nice guy. Sahil says he is happy to spend each moment with her. Vaidika advices that Sahil must also think about the world around, after all they have to live in this world. Sahil was ready to lose his life, but not his love; for the sake of this world. An old song plays nearby.

Arya watches Mohid dancing with his gang. She was impressed he danced well on the lyrics of such an old song. Mohid notices her stare and comes to him, he tells her to concentrate on her dance. Two of Mohid’s students come to have water and asks Aarya if she is impressed by Mohid. The girls say Aarya has been staring at Mohid as if having a crush over him. Aarya denies the idea.

Sahil clarifies to Vaidika that it’s his love which make him do everything. He is the first and his life love, he might die if she stops him from loving her. Living without Vaidika is worse than death, its better he sacrifices his life otherwise. Vaidika calls it craziness. Vaidika feels helpless about Sahil and leaves. Sahil thinks its useless to hope he wouldn’t love her, he wouldn’t stop loving her; nor would he leave her life. She is afraid to express her love.

Gauri calls Sahil and asks him to come home soon. She says Bari Amma is angry with Anjana, he must come home and save his mother from this disgrace.

Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 Update

Vaidika finds a girl asking help against a man following her. She takes the girl into an auto. At home, Vaidika assures the girl she is safe at her house and brings her water. She asks for her parent’s contact number, she will call them. The man comes into the house calling Suomya. Vaidika stays as a shield to girl and warns the man to say away. The man clutches his fist while Nani calls the police. He questions who is she to stop him, Vaidika shuts him up as it’s because of men like him that their daughters are unsafe.

Suomya begins to laugh out loud. The man says he is her uncle and explains this girl is after him to marry. Suomya insists she gets bored at home with him alone and wants a Mami. Nani curtly says they won’t mind mingling in anyone’s matter; they are used to it now. Vaidika apologizes for speaking much. The man introduces himself as Yash Kumar; they shake hands. Suomya eyes this.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma shouts at Nidhi to come downstairs. Anjana stood in front of her with her hands joint. Bari Amma asks Anjana to apologize her daughter in law. After she has apologized, she was asked to lick on the dust of Nidhi’s hands.

Gayatri feels severe pain in her belly. Anjana was badly crying while she bends. Someone comes to hold Anjana up. Shruti comes to assistance as it was Sahil. Sahil shouts that his mother won’t bend or apologize anyone. He wish to slap Nidhi’s face hard, but this woman (Anjana) taught him to respect women. He questions if Bari Amma is insulting his mother in the hand of this bastard. It’s better he witnessed this all, he is taking his mother along as she no more needs to live in this hell.

Anjana doesn’t move. She says a woman’s corpse only leaves the house she is married into. This house isn’t a hell for her, she can’t leave this house and the memories of his father. He didn’t fulfil any of responsibilities of a good son ever, why should so go and live in that Vaidika’s house then. She places Sahil’s hand over her head and asks if he would return home leaving Vaidika. Sahil says alright he will, but wait for a while; walks upstairs and returns with a licensed gun of Bari Amma. He says living without Vaidika is similar to dying for him; he points the gun at his forehead as he can’t live without Vaidika.

Everyone come to snatch the gun but the bullet was shot. The gun was in Deepak’s hand which trembled. Sahil had fallen to floor. Everyone try to wake Sahil up, he stands up finally. Deepak questions what he intended to do, nothing is important for him than Sahil’s life. Anjana says she got his reply, he can’t see anything else in front of that woman. He must leave this house not to show himself up again, she will consider she near had a son. Sahil agrees to go. He cries for not being able to become a good son.

Bari Amma shouts at Anjana. She wonders if she is stupid or over smart. She has given Sahil what he always wished for. She will always long to see her son, and that Vaidika would win her. Anjana cries that she lost Sahil and fell on the floor.

Vaidika opens the door for Aarya and was shocked to see her come with Mohid. She tries to ask casually about the guy. Aarya says this is Mohid, the choreographer. She was inspired of him and his offer to drop her home. Vaidika warns that she must think well before being friends with someone. Aarya says she isn’t a kid anymore and goes inside. Vaidika gets a call and recognizes the voice as Sahil’s. Vaidika and Anjana reach at the same venue at same time finding Sahil.

Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 Update continues as Sahil comes to meet Anjana and Vaidika. He says Anjana and Vaidika are two most important ladies of his life, none want him to stay in their house. He is fed up of his life and the dramas in it. His mother wish him to leave his love of life, while Vaidika only wants him as a friend. Everyone wants Sahil as they desire, none ever cared for him. Neither his mother nor his love, Vaidika holds him important. He clarifies to Anjana his love for her didn’t decrease because of love for Vaidika.

He holds Vaidika’s hand saying he has dreamed he would only return home when Vaidika goes along him as a daughter in law and Anjana has become her mother in law. He announces he won’t leave their lives even if they wish for.

It was morning, Aarya finds Vaidika sleeping on the couch. She asks about Sahil, he isn’t in his room and even his phone is off. Vaidika says she was also waiting for him. Aarya goes to call Karan but Vaidika stops her. Aarya asks why she is always concerned about Sahil. When she has left, Vaidika wonders why she worries for Sahil so much. Maya speaks from behind that Vaidika loves Sahil. Vaidika was happy to see Maya and asks about her Monali trip. Maya jokes she told her husband to learn from Sahil how to love. Vaidika denies loving Sahil. Maya suggests about finding a handsome, rich businessman for Vaidika, who is of her age as well.

Suomya matches Yash’s photo with the one in the photo and makes him change his tie. She then reads Vaidika’s profile from internet. Yash interrupts Suomya saying he came to Kanpur for a purpose, there is only room for hatred in his life. He aims to destroy the biggest jewelers here. Suomya asks if hate isn’t wrong. Yash replies sometimes love also destroy lives and leaves for office. Suomya was irritated why Yash brought her to Kanpur from Delhi.

Deepak was playing with money and jewelry in his room. He says he only wish for an heir in the house, he would be Bari Amma’s own blood; his son. He fed Gauri papaya, there would be a confirmed son after tonight. He looks into the dustbin and was furious over Gauri for throwing away the papaya his Pandit had given.

Sahil was watching Vaidika’s photos. Nidhi comes in. Sahil turns to go. Nidhi says she was also angry about all this, doesn’t he know his Bari Amma. Sahil says she could have forbidden everyone, but she didn’t resist. Nidhi says she wished to tell him but he is never around. She doesn’t even know if she would ever be able to live in his house or not. Sahil tells her to stop her drama. Karan allows her to speak. Nidhi says her condition is exactly like Sahil, he isn’t accepting her the way Vaidika doesn’t accept him. She promises to leave his life the day Vaidika accepts her.

Suomya comes to ask Vaidika if she can give her tuitions. Vaidika asks how she did know about her tuitions. Suomya says she read everything about her on internet and is inspired how Vaidika can do a lot together, like embroidery, dancing, teaching etc. Is she a super-woman? Maya comes to ask if she has read about Sahil and Vaidika as well. Suomya replies as no. She tells Vaidika she likes her. Vaidika says she likes her too. Suomya asks her to finalize the matter, but not to discuss with Yash else he would be angry.

Vaidika promises to speak to him. Suomya then says they are staying at guest house here, so the wedding will take place from Vaidika’s house. Vaidika was now taken aback; Suomya says her uncle is 43, and is unmarried as well. Isn’t her mother finding a similar proposal for her? She read on internet. Maya likes the proposal. Vaidika was shocked to see Yash at the door, Suomya hides behind Vaidika.

Vaidika tries to save Suomya but Yash was angry. Suomya convinces Yash she only came to Vaidika for tuitions. Yash calls her really mischievous; but Vaidika offers tuitions for her. Yash decides that Vaidika must come to their guest house for the tuitions. Vaidika looks towards Suomya and agrees. Yash asks about the fees? Nani heard this from the door, and calls 5 thousand. Yash agrees and walk away.

Sahil comes home. Nidhi was also with him. Maya greets Sahil and says only her friend is his true soul mate. Nidhi forbids Maya interfere in their personal matter. Sahil and Maya doesn’t pay any heed to her. Maya leaves, Nani takes Vaidika for cooking while Nidhi goes upstairs.

At night, Vaidika finds Sahil sleeping on the couch in cold. She covers him with a blanket, thinking about his talk in front of Anjana. Nidhi comes in and blames Vaidika why Sahil is sleeping here. Vaidika is always around Sahil and would never let him near to her. She complains Vaidika even sat in pooja with Sahil.

Age is Just a Number 30 June 2020 Update ends as Vaidika explains Anjana asked her to, but Nidhi blames Vaidika for always having a reason. How would she then get a place in Sahil’s life. Vaidika is equally responsible for Sahil’s craziness. Vaidika was upset after Nidhi leaves.

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