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Deception 3 May 2020 Update Zee World: Neelima tells Harish that naren vyas is showing his true colors, Naren says it is enough of you aunt. Bela waits for Naren and says your heart will pulled you towards Pan. Naren asks everyone to vacate the room if their nautanki is over. Rahul gets angry.

Naren beats him. Rahul asks Pooja to handle her husband. Surbhi tells that she was thinking to shift to their room as she has problem to climb up and getting down the stairs. Naren says atleast someone shows maturity. Pooja is shocked. Naren asks Supriya to get his stuff from the room. Pooja asks why did he get his stuff only. Naren says you will stay with Maa for next 7 days. Pooja goes out of room.

Deception 3 May 2020 Update Zee World

Naren thinks of bela’s pan and closes the door. He looks for Bela’s call. Dada ji looks at Pooja who sits on stairs shockingly. Everyone is shocked.
Supriya runs to her and asks her to have water. Harsha says what happened to Naren suddenly. Harish says may be it is new driver’s effect and says I fear that he fed him something wrong.
Pooja thinks about Bela. Surbhi tells Rahul that she likes their room. Rahul keeps hand on her mouth and tries to scare her. He tells her that she will not be saved to see her baby. Surbhi says she will save her baby from him. Rahul slaps her and makes her fall on bed. Surbhi feels pain in her stomach. Naren comes to his room balcony and thinks he needs pan.

Supriya gives water to Surbhi. Surbhi tells her that Pooja and she is not different. Supriya says she is worried about Rahul’s anger. Harsha asks Surbhi to end Rahul and Naren’s distance. Surbhi says she will try. Supriya says she is worried for naren. Harsha says he needs love and care and will be fine soon.

Naren gets down from the balcony using rope. He comes near the tree and thinks Bela took the pan. Bela sings song and shows him pan. He tries to get the pan. She hides. Naren comes to her. Bela shows her pan bag. Harish tells that he will fire the driver. Pooja stops him and says she will talk to Naren. She thinks we will solve the trouble together. Bela says I thought you will not come. Naren asks her to make him have food for last time and make him feel tripti. Deception 3 May 2020 Update Zee World

Bela feeds pan in his mouth. Naren chews it. Pooja knocks on the door and finds it locked. She opens the lock with her pin and sees Naren not there. She thinks where did Naren go. She comes to balcony and sees rope. She thinks where did he go? She sees Naren lying in the garden. Naren tells bela that he will feed apple to her. He asks her for another pan. Supriya sees Pooja running out and wonders where is she going? Pooja comes out and calls Naren. Naren is sitting on tree and throws apple on her. Bela hides.

Naren asks her to pick the apples and says he will kiss her equivalent to the number of apples she catches. Pooja gets upset and asks if he met Bela or have something with her hand. Naren says I will answer and asks her to sleep in his room tonight. Pooja asks him to answer. Naren asks her to go and sleep in her room. Supriya comes and takes Pooja from there.

Bela comes out seeing them gone. She asks Naren to play game with her, and asks him to kiss her, equivalent to the number of apples. Naren says I will only kiss my Pooja. Bela says I will give you pans equivalent to the kisses. Naren agrees. Supriya cares for Pooja. Deception 3 May 2020 Update Zee World

Pooja cries. Naren asks Bela to feed him pan. Bela gives him another pan and thinks she will make him servant. Naren says he got maha Anand/great pleasure. He holds her hand and is about to kiss her hand, when she takes it off. Naren dances and climbs up on the tree. He sings main jhat pagla deewana….and dances. Bela feeds him another pan and thinks of rope, and says dance around me, just like my parents danced around you and your parents to fulfill your wishes.

Pooja telling Surbhi about Jhaki. Supriya says Bau ji will give kanhaiya to you. Pooja sees wound on her forehead and asks about it. Surbhi makes excuse that she slipped and collided with sink. Pooja asks her not to take the matter lightly and says she will talk to Rahul after Paath.

Neelima comes and asks Surbhi to get up and not to attend paath, asks if she don’t have any self respect. Pooja and Supriya ask her to let Surbhi have paath for her baby. Guru ji comes for the Paath. Pooja thinks where is Naren and waits for him. Dada ji asks Pooja to think from Naren’s perspective and says it is not easy for him to handle. He gives her taweez asking her to tie to Naren’s left hand.

Pooja comes to Naren’s room to tie tawez and thinks where is he gone? Naren comes to Bela’s house. Bela opens the door and says you must have understood the taste of my pan and invites him inside. Naren stops himself from entering her house. Pooja calls Naren and finds the door locked. She thinks who has locked the door.

Rahul comes and snatches the taweez. Naren tells Bela that he don’t want to make her family or wife ashamed and says he came to get pan for last one time, and says after that it will not be part of my life. Bela asks him to go and tries to close the door. Naren asks her to give pan. Bela says you have to pay for the favor. Pooja asks Rahul to return the taweez. Deception 3 May 2020 Update Zee World

Rahul says Bhai’s misbehavior has reached its limits and says he don’t care about my wife. Pooja says if you had cared about your wife then you wouldn’t have slapped Surbhi. Rahul says she said this and asks her to worry about naren who left early morning. He asks her to call office and enquire. Pooja tries to stop him. He pushes Pooja and goes.

Bela gives suitcase to Naren and asks her to reach address. She says once you reach there, call me. I will ask you what to do. Naren is on the way and thinks to call Bela. Dada ji brings Kanha ji. Surbhi and everyone is busy doing paath. Surbhi asks Rahul why did he come if he don’t want to attend it. Rahul says pooja taught him on how to be a good husband. He then twists her hand. Pooja worries for Naren.

Bela asks Naren to become pan wala and reach the address. Pooja hears the paath that wife shall always support her husband etc. Rahul thinks Pooja don’t mend her ways. Pooja makes him fall down. Rahul tries to push her. She kicks him and gets the taweez from his pocket.

Rahul asks how you will make naren wear taweez and tells that he will have gajra now. Pooja says it is just a formality, until I am with you, he don’t need any formality. Naren comes to Praveen’s house in disguise and thinks once he gets the pan, he will not go to Bela again. He gets Pooja’s call and she tells him that she is coming to office. Deception 3 May 2020 Update Zee World

Naren says he is busy in meeting. Pooja hears azaan and thinks Naren reached some place. Pooja calls Bela and asks why did you add bhang in the ladoo. Bela acts innocent and says she didn’t mix anything.
Pooja says she will go to any extent to save Naren.

Naren asks Bela what to do? Bela asks him to take the knife, scare and loot her inlaws and asks them to give all jewellery which they have.

Naren refuses to do such thing. Bela threatens to burn all pan which she has. Naren agrees and holds them on knife point. He asks them to give all jewellery and precious things to him. Bela tells her father that today all revenge will be fulfilled and she will get everything which they gave in dowry with interest, and those greedy people will shed blood tears. Praveen’s mother gives all jewellery, silver utensils etc.

  • Deception 3 May 2020 Update Zee World

Naren calls Bela and says work is done. Bela asks him to scare them so much that they don’t get strength to shout. Naren keeps knife on Praveen’s father neck and threatens him. Pooja comes there and spots Naren’s car there. She knocks on the doo Naren threatens Praveen’s parents holding them on knife point. Pooja rings the door bell.

Praveen’s mother asks him to leave her husband and gives promise of his mother and wife. Naren asks her to close the suitcase and leaves her husband. Pooja is in her car and sees Naren with turban, but thinks who is this man as she couldn’t see his face.

Naren sees her coming towards him and drives off the car. He calls Bela and asks her to make the pan ready. His car is stopped as some kids come infront of his car. Pooja gets down from her car and before she could reach Naren’s car. He drives off. Kusum asks Surbhi to take care. Pooja follows Naren’s car, but he hides his car. Supriya calls Pooja
and asks her to come home. Pooja says ok. Guru ji tells everyone that Naren has to stay away from Police and court case, and says there is a chances that he may get stuck. He tells that his wife Pooja is his suraksha chakra and he needs to be with her. Dada ji asks him to give solution. Guru ji asks all ladies to do puja and light diya on Ganga ghat. Guru ji says ok. Bela feeds pan in Naren’s mouth and asks if he enjoyed it. Naren falls on bed. Bela’s baba happens to touch the bangle and asks what is it?

Bela tells them that her sasural people have returned all the jewellery and is regarding her as their daughter. Her father asks her to regard them as her parents. Bela says their place is high up. Her father asks her to give nek to the person who brought it. Bela says today it is the happiest day and says she will give nek to her ghulam. She looks at Naren. Naren rests after drugged pan. Deception 3 May 2020 Update Zee World


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