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BBNaija 2019 Day 87: All the highlights you missed

Here are the highlights of Big Brother Naija 2019 Day 87 that you may have missed out on your favourite housemates.

Day 87: A Movie Treat For Mike And Omashola
Omashola and Mike get to enjoy the treat they paid for. What better way to reward yourself after a long day’s work or midway into the work? Treating yourself to tasty snacks while watching an interesting movie. Mike and Omashola got this treat midway into their painting Task. Remember Mike and Omashola both contributed Bet9ja Coins to buy a movie treat during the Diary Session. In the usual fashion, the Housemates were asked to freeze and shortly after, two Ninjas made their way into the House to blindfold Mike and Omashola before leading them to enjoy the movie treat. “I was so happy. That was my first time leaving the House,” Mike said.

BBNaija 2019 Day 87: All the highlights you missed

“You Are Like A 15-Year-Old Girl On Heat” Mike
Watch Mike and Omashola have a verbal match after their workout session.

“You Are The Biggest Groupie” Mike
Week of happiness or not, Omashola and Mike gave us some Pepper with their quarrel.

What started as a mild correction during their workout session in the garden, escalated to a full-blown quarrel between Mike and Omashola in the Pepper Dem House.

Correction Gone Wrong While having their workout, Omashola pointed out to Seyi that he was not doing the workout right. This comment was ignored by Seyi who continued his routine. Later on, the trainer asked them to touch their calves but Omashola touched his ankles instead. This error by Omashola made Seyi to tell Omashola that he didn’t even know where his calf is located.

The back and forth between these two didn’t go down well with Mike as he told both of them to stop bickering and face the workout. Omashola however, wasn’t going to have Mike play the peacemaker so he told him to shut the f**k up. Mike retorted by calling Omashola a groupie and with these statements, the boxing ring was swept clean for a fight to begin.

BBNaija 2019 Day 87: All the highlights you missed

The Face-Off The quarrel started properly in the locker room with Omashola blaming Mike for starting the whole issue. He kept yelling but Mike told him to face him like a man. Mike wasn’t done yet as he compared Omashola to a 15-year-old girl on heat 😲. Haaa Mike!

As if remembering that this was a week of happiness, Omashola calmed down and reminded himself that happiness should reign. Well, we guess having a movie treat together does not guarantee a happily ever after.

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BBNaija 2019 Day 87: Down Memory Lane
Watch Diane, Seyi, Mike and Elozonam talk about ex-Housemates they can’t wait to see and some of the fun memories they had in the Big Brother Naija House. BBNaija 2019 Day 87: All the highlights you missed

A Oppo Win For Omashola And Elozonam
Elozonam and Omashola emerged victorious in the slippery Oppo Task and won some mouthwatering prices.

Omashola And Elozonam Slide To An Oppo Win
In an Oppo Slippery Stairs challenge, Omashola and Elozonam emerged as the winners in today’s Task.

Divided into two teams – white and green, each team fought for a reward box from Oppo. The most interesting element in this challenge is that the Task featured two winners, one from each team. Team white consisting of Ike, Mercy, Omashola, Frodd and Tacha and team green with Mike, Cindy, Diane, Elozonam and Seyi.

Let’s talk about what they had to fight for – aka what was at stake

The winner from each team got rewarded with a cash prize and an Oppo F11 Pro Phone for a loved one. All they had to do was to fetch the card in the Oppo box to get the details of the reward.

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BBNaija 2019 Day 87: All the highlights you missed

The Slippery Slope As the name of the Task implies, the Housemates had to attempt to climb to the top of the stairs and fetch the reward card in the reward box. The first Housemate in each team to successfully fetch the reward card in the box wins. Easy?

As usual, Biggie set his rules.

The Pepper Dem Gang had to play the challenge in their teams and therefore, not allowed to join another team. Once the winning Housemate collects the reward card, the game stops immediately. One more thing, the Housemates were not allowed to hold on to the railing of the stairs or use the railing to assist them as they climb the slippery stairs.

1569429647 34 screenshot 2019 09 25 at 4.00.25 pm

The Slide To Victory It was hard keeping a straight face as we watched the Housemates struggle to get to the top of the slippery stairs. For them, it was time to have some fun! From Mercy’s merry-go-rounding to Tacha’s multiple falls on the stairs, the Housemates were definitely in for a slippery ride.

Team white began the challenge with Omashola emerging as the winner. One thing this team didn’t understand was that this was an individual challenge. We guess the frustration from the failed attempts prompted them to push Omashola to the top of the stairs. Go teamwork, right?

1569428862 34 screenshot 2019 09 25 at 5.24.51 pm

Next, team white gave us Elozonam as the winning Housemate. They all competed fair and square and in a matter of seconds, Elozonam slid to the top and grabbed his reward.

1569428891 34 screenshot 2019 09 25 at 5.23.56 pm

The Whooping Prize For being the first Housemates in their teams to get to the reward box first, Omashola and Elozonam won a sum of five hundred thousand Naira each and an Oppo F11 Pro Phone for their loved ones.

1569429015 34 screenshot 2019 09 25 at 4.17.24 pm

It’s almost the end of the Season and it has featured a lot of exciting Tasks with rewards attached to them. With this in mind, who do you think should be crowned as the Task champion in the House?

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