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BBNaija 2019

BBNaija 2019 Day 74 Highlights: The Betrayed Seyi

BBNaija 2019 Day 74 Highlights: The Betrayed Seyi

BBNaija 2019 Day 74 Highlights: The Betrayed Seyi

Here’s What Made The Pepper Dem Gang Cry And Cringe
What a Season it has been! Let’s take a trip down short-term memory lane and revisit the Pepper Dem Gang’s low moments in the House.

From the high points like when Frodd got a kiss from the love of his life to the low points when she was Evicted, the Housemates have been through so many ups and downs in Biggie’s House. Here’s a look back at the saddest and most talked about moments the Pepper Dem Housemates have been through in the House.

A Betrayed Seyi: Love betrayal is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. Wrong! Have you ever felt betrayed by people you sacrificed yourself for? Well, let Seyi tell you.

Remember when he refused to use his Veto Power and decided to be the sacrificial lamb instead? Well, after being fake Evicted, the resident sugar daddy saw beneath the fake hugs and sad looks from the Housemates. How did they not even miss him the second he walked through those doors? This thought left Seyi down for days and even upon his arrival back into the House, he kept to himself for a while. “They’ll see a different Seyi this time,” he told Tacha while he expressed his hurt.

BBNaija 2019 Day 74 Highlights: The Betrayed Seyi

A Teary Mercy: How do you handle hard conversations without crying?

According to Mercy, sometimes you have feelings and when they come up, you’re allowed to feel them…

Mercy has certainly come a long way in the House; from the Coins robbery to her gangsta relationship with Ike, we can’t deny that she’s her own boss. Imagine our surprise when she broke down in the Diary Room.

Like others who have expressed their emotions when hit by low times or memories, Mercy did not fail to let tears out as she talked about her mother’s sacrifices for her. Don’t worry Mercy, mama must be so proud of you.

Another Strike For Ike

The fear of one Strike is the beginning of wisdom. What happens when you get two Strikes from Biggie?

Ike did not only have a gloomy face after Big Brother announced his second Strike, but his face was also blue all through the week of the announcement. In fact, the second Strike has birthed a new Ike in the Pepper Dem House and one can’t help but wonder where the gangsta Ike went to.


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