Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update on Zee World Series

Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update on Zee World Series

Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update on Zee World Series

Pragya is very angry with Disha saying that he did what he did in anger but they also not
did anything, Disha says that they tried but she says that they were not able to. Pragya says that this is not her fault as this is the reason of her life, she faced a lot of things with him but when she is with him then she als gave test of
love but was not really able to love him. Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update

Disha says that they can be together now at which Pragya says that why did he marry Tanu then, Pragya says that they cannot be together anymore,he is with Tanu and she with King, she says that she is also happy, Disha asks if she loves him, Pragya is not able to answer it and leaves after hugging, Disha thinks that she knows that Pragya still loves Him and Kiara and that she will make sure that they both meet.

The peon leads Abhi to the room when he gets a call from Tanu, he heads away from Abhi, Abhi says that he will go to check the room. Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update

Abhi enters the room and wonders why Kiara called him there and if she was afraid, he thinks that he can never be afraid and wants to scare him, he calls her but none answers, he says that he will never be scared and will only laugh, he is still calling her when someone closes the door he feels that it is Kiara and says that he will not be afraid but then
gives up and asks her to come out, he calls her but when none answers he gets suspicious and tries to open the door and after that only realizes that she is not there.

Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update

The teacher is very angry with Tanu saying that she doesn’t know how to respect others, Pragya asks her as to what is she talking about after that teacher asks if she also loves him, then she asks her about where she saw him and gets going towards the storeroom. Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update

King and Kiara are waiting for Pragya, she says that she can pretend that she is hurt and then Pragya will come, but King refuses, he asks her if she will replace him with Abhi, she is about to say yes after that King makes her realize that he can only rep;ace friends, they hear an announcement that the results will be announced, they leave wondering that she is in the auditorium. Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update

Abhi is trying to get out and hears the announcement, he wonders how will he be able to meet Kiara parents.
Pragya asks the person for whereabouts of Abhi, he gets nervous and leaves, Pragya heads on and then he follows her.

Aaliyah comes and meets with Tanu, she asks what plan did Tanu make and after knowing it she says that Tanu made a horrible plan as she could not make Abhi say away from Pragya, Tanu says that she was not able to as Abhi never stays with her.
Tanu is adamant that Abhi will not be able to see Pragya and Kiara together, Aaliyah wonders why is Pragya doing all this.

Abhi gets very restless and is trying very hard to open the door but is unable to do it so that he can get free. Pragya hears Abhi’s voice, the peon is following and thinks about what will happen if she opens the door.
Pragya walks towards the room and when she is about to open it Abhi hides and without seeing starts to beat her, she gets free and they both start to have an argument, she asks why did he beat her, he says that he didn’t know that it was her.

She gets really mad saying that he did this on purpose as he was mad at her and wants to take revenge. He asks if she doesn’t trust him anymore, he shows her the handle but still, she is not convinced. Twist of Fate 22 April 2019 Monday Update

They both are talking when someone again locks them, she starts to blame him for everything that happened,he asks if she would stay with him again, she says that he doesn’t want t as he was once with Tanu and now there may be someone else, he says that she is jealous and so starts to make fun of her. She stops him asking to make a plan to get out.