Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Tanu says to the inspector that he must not suspect her, she says that she has always said the truth, she then says that she has a lot of money and will have him transferred, another policeman arrives with a vase, Tanu gets scared seeing it and they say that they will come back as they have got evidence and will prove who is guilty.

Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019 Update

They thank Abhi, he says that they know that they are doing their duty and they will help them in any and all matters regarding Pragya, he says this Pragya and they leave, he thinks of weather has said, Disha also makes him remember he turns away and leaves. Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019 Update

Tanu is thinking of what will happen with her if Abhi comes to know of her and what she did and then none will be able to save her from him, she sees him coming and hides behind the curtain, she fears

him and he is coming straight towards her but then leaves without noticing, she feels blessed as otherwise she would have gotten in a lot of trouble. Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019

Disha and Purab are discoing of what Abhi said in front of the police regarding Pragya and now they will be able to find about Kiara and her relation with Abhi, they both get excited and think for sure to make Abhi and Pragya meet once again as they both still love each other. Abhi is I his room and thinking of what happened with Pragya in their house as she was their guest, he then thinks of what King said to him regarding that there is a person who was in their house who wanted to kill Pragya

And when the waiter wanted to tell him, he was killed and they must find out the person behind it. He goes to find Robin but he is not there and there is someone else who is dressing when he asks he says that Robin sent him and he left with some important work. Abhi walks out and tries to call him but he does not answer after that Abhi thinks of going to meet Pragya.

Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Abhi is walking towards the door when Aaliyah stops him and they both start to have an argument about him meeting with Pragya and once her giving her space in his life, she says that whenever Pragya came to his life he was robbed of everything that he had and only when he married Tanu did he gain success.

Abhi disagrees and says that he was the best only with Pragya and none else, they still argue, Abhi gets frustrated and leaves saying that he is late for his concert, Aaliyah thanks god for changing his mind as otherwise, she would land in jail.

Abhi reaches the concert and rocks the stage with his performance and the crowd is cheering him and everyone is going mad for him. He still thinks of the moments spent with Pragya and then he starts singing, after that everyone losses their mind and are completely lost in his song, he then gets a wonderful cheer from the crowd when his song ends leaving with a lot of cheer. Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mitale is thinking of how did the jhomer fall, her mother says that it was cut on purpose, she says that she will find out of who did it as she thinks that someone is behind it, she says that she thinks that there are two people behind it as to make it fall on Pragya they had to wait for her to get under it so that they could cut it, Aaliya comes from behind and gets worried hearing what they both are saying.

Twist Of Fate 17th April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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