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This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

Rishab catches Shrishti and shouts at the police about why are they talking to her like this, Manisha comes when the police are about to take Rishab and then she comes with the bag, the police are about to take her as well but then Manisha asks them to leave her.

Rishab sits in the van and asks then to let him make a call but he says that he only wants to make a bribe a helpless girl to whom he offered money, Rishab gets angry and the police asks the driver to move ahead.

This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

When they are taking him away Prithvi and Sherlin see this and are very happy to see that Rishab is getting arrested, he says that he told her that she will not let her get arrested because eshe wants her to go and warn Preeta to not mess with her. This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

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Rishab gets locked up, Karan does not understand what is happening and he asks what happened, Rishab says that he is I the locker room because Manisha also trapped him, Karan says that it is her fault but Rishab says that he will not do anything like this in anger and that they have been blamed because someone is after them.

Dadi and Sarla are both watching the news about Rishab’s arrest, she says that how they all believe this to be true as he is literally not like this, Preeta also comes and is about to fall after hearing this, Dadi goes to her she hugs her saying that both of them are innocent and she was not able to do anything, Sarla is standing there crying.

This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

Karan and Preeta re both thinking of each other, he thinks that what he thought that he will never be able to see Preeta was right, Rishab calls him and says that he is his tiger and must not get dishearten, Shrishti also confirms Preeta that nothing will happen to him, she says that she was not able to do anything and they both console their other halves.

I the morning Rishab and Karan are both in jail; when the police personnel come and ask them to get ready because they have to go to the police for heir verdict.

Sherlin makes Prithvi eat sugar and he says that that she always passes in the exams because she was very clever and always cheated very cleverly.

he says that she did anything very carefully, she then coagulates him, he says that he will take revenge from both of them for everything that they have gone to him and now the end will be their death, he says that they must go as they have to reach the court for their verdict.

This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

Mahesh is with his lawyer, and asks him what happened and then he says that the recording Rishab made has been a weapon for the police and now this will be very wrong for their case and this has been a bribe for them and made her case very poor.

Mahesh says that he is very disappointed with him and now he must handle because he will arrange for some other lawyer, the lawyer says that they may not get another hearing and this will open and shut case, Rakhi starts to cry, Mahesh confirms her.

Prithvi is at the court and blaming the police for being very slow saying that they should have brought both of them early, he then says that he came even though he was not a criminal, h then thinks of what he will drop when seeing both of them come with handcuffs and the police security with them. he says that he is feeling very good and happy.

The police bring both Rishab and Karan to the court, Prithvi goes to hug them but they both push him away saying that they did not need his luck, Prithvi start to act saying that what happened to their respect, he says to Karan that he should have given money and get out of it.

Prithvi says that Rishab tried to do it but why did he do this as he would have talked to her in a polite manner, Prithvi says that he could talk for them but he will not as he has done something very wrong, Karan goes to fight with him, he is stopped but Rishab, their family comes and they both go to meet them, the police take them away.

This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

Manisha is with Sherlin and her boyfriend, he says that he is worry for her but she says that he should not worry as nothing will happen to her, she tells him to calm down and just then Prithvi comes saying that this will be their winning and this will be very helpful for them a s they will accomplish everything.

Manisha boyfriend says that he is very doubtful but she says that Prithvi will help her and then they all sat to move toward the court. This Is Fate 27 April 2019 Saturday Update

Preeta and Shrishti are watching the news when Sarla comes and takes the book away as she is still angry, Dadi comes and they say that both of them will not be able to go free and will serve a sentence.

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