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Zee World Series Update

This Is Fate 25 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

This Is Fate 25 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

This Is Fate 25 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

The episode starts at the police station, Karan is thinking of Dadi and how she said that she wants to remain with him and her cute behaviors, he sees Preeta and stands up, he is very worried as how did he came to think of her in this short moment, he thinks of what she said regarding him and that she will do all that she can to get him out.

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He says that there is no one like her as she has always been there to help him even before she took the blame on herself and went in prison for him, he thinks that he must get out of this place so that he can help Preeta get away from Prithvi because he is not a good person and really not worthy of her, he thinks of what he will do to make her life a better one. This Is Fate 25 April 2019 Update


Sherlin is very worried thinking of what Preeta said to her and how she insulted her and said a lot of bad things to her, she thinks that Preeta will never let her live in peace, she take out the photo album and is very angry to see Prithvi smile with Preeta. This Is Fate 25 April 2019 Update

Sherlin says that she knows that Prithvi has developed feeling for Preeta. Prithvi surprises Sherlin and enters without telling her, he tries to come close to her but she pushes him away saying that she knows that he has started to like Preeta and that she is now breaking up with him and that he must leave.

Preeta and Shrishti are in the market, Manisha is also in the same market, Preeta spots her in the mirror of a bike and shocked. She looks for her but she doesn’t see her, Shrishti asks Preeta what happened? Preeta says that she saw the girl that framed Karan. This Is Fate 25 April 2019 Update

Shrishti asks if she is sure about the girl and they look for her, Preeta sees her hugging another boy. She says that she will not leave the girl until she tells the truth and she also has a plan, Preeta and shristi run after her but she entere a car and drives away, Preeta and Shristi enters a taxi and follows Manisha.


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