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Zee World Series Update

This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Preeta leaving Karan’s hand and taking Prithvi’s, Karan gets jealous, both of them start to dance but Preeta is not interested and does not feel comfortable at this, Prithvi gets tough with Preeta during the dance, she is not the least bit interested, Karan is also getting uncomfortable but is forced to see it.

This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sherlin thinks that Prithvi has lost his mind and is not focusing on the plan, she thinks of what to do. Rakhi asks Karina why did she take the phone, Karina says that why did she call Sarla even after all that had happened. Rakhi asks Kareena what she means by asking such questions? Rakhi also tells Kareena that she knows how to judge people, knows how to read someone’s face, she also knows some things about a person’s way of life.

This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Rakhi knows that Preeta is a good person but you Kareena is still insisting that Preeta is a greedy girl, Karina replies that she wants the best for her family but now everyone is doubting her because she is living with them and not with her husband whom she must be with, Mahesh hears this, asking Rakhi to be quiet saying that she is talking with her sister and she must behave, Rakhi apologizes.

Karina says that all of them are her kids and she will do anything to protect them. Karina says that she knows that she is living with them and they both had fights in the past but she took it to the extent that this is the limit, she starts to go towards her room, Mahesh stops her and apologizes but she says that she will talks with her in the morning and leaves, Rakhi gets sad.

At the party, Sameer is walking and bumps into a lady, she falls but it is Sherlin and Sameer then apologizes and she recognizes him, he tries to help her but she leaves and tries to hide from him, Sameer tried to look for sherlin but he does not see her again, he is shocked and thinks of looking in a bag for some proof, his honor kicks in and he leaves the bag at the counter.

This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series
Sameer calls Shrishti and is about to say something but she is very angry and scold him, she says that he doesn’t care for her and is enjoying the party, she also says that he does not care to call and never cares for her feelings, he then asks her if she is a mind reader as he feels the same when she is not around and does not like anything, they both are talking when Sameer drops the bag and he picks up the contents in the bag.

Sherlin is scared thinking what will happen if Sameer sees her driving license, just when he is about to see it she sends a waiter to collect it and he takes the things away. Meanwhile, Karan is angry at the girl, Manisha, and tries to avoid her. She still follows him and apologizes for being truly personal, she didn’t intend to hurt him. She presents a glass of drink to Karan as a token of apology.

This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Karan turns around to see Preeta dancing with Prithvi and grab the drink. Malisha recalls mixing a powder into it and thinks he was showing attitude to her, now he won’t even realize what exactly happened to him and how he reached her room.

Mahesh comes to hug Rishab who was sitting in the balcony alone lost in thoughts of Preeta. Mahesh is emotional and cries and Rishab is concerned and asks what happened to him. Mahesh asks when was the last time Rakhi said I love you to him. Rishab says she says it daily. He then asks when was the last time he, Mahesh told Rishab that he loves him. Rishab couldn’t remember.

Mahesh considers himself responsible for never expressing his love, but he now wish to tell Rishab that he loves him dearly. He wish Rishab shares with him what’s in his heart, he will fulfil each of his wish. Rishab hugs Mahesh.

After the dance, Preeta looks around for Karan but couldn’t find him. Karan finds Preeta looking for him, he tries to move towards her but was badly drunk. This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update
He wonders how he can get drunk with a single shot. There, Prithvi asks Preeta what she is looking for. She decides not to speak to him about Karan. Prithvi demands to meet the old citizen in the party.

They go hand in hand to meet Prithvi’s friend. In the car, Sherlin speaks to herself cursing Prithvi for exposing himself in front of Karan and Sameer. She doesn’t understand whatever he does these days as everyone is always suspicious of him. She was afraid that soon his face will be revealed and both of them will be ruined. Her hand hits her purse, she was thankful that Sameer didn’t spot her ID proof there else the whole Luthra family must have questioned what she was doing there.

This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Rishab comes to Karan’s room and finds it out of order, he was angry over his attitude then wonders if he is being pointlessly angry these days. Karan was already ashamed and he further scolded him. He decides to speak to Karan on phone, then rejects the idea as Karan would otherwise begin to consider his acts justified. He convinces himself to go and sleep, his anger is justified.

He pours a glass of water for himself and now decides to call Sameer. Sameer takes Rishab’s call. Rishab asks Sameer about Karan, he replies Karan is good. Rishab notices his confidence was shattered and confirmed if they were in the ICB party? Sameer was getting Shrishti’s call in the midst.

Rishab was worried for Karan. Sameer tells Rishab that Prithvi also came to the party and even Preeta is here. Rishab was suspicious what they are doing in the party? There, Shrishti was restless to dig out what Prithvi was doing in the party.

Rishab tells Sameer to keep a close eye on Karan, Preeta and that Prithvi as well. He shouldn’t let Karan fight with that Prithvi at any cost else his media image may get ruined. Sameer assures Rishab to bring Karan home. Rishab instructs Sameer to call him as soon as there is a problem. After the call, Sameer takes Shrishti’s call. Sameer says Rishab was of the view that he must bring Karan home.

Shrishti was of the same view. He says Karan went to the party because he is a player, and Preeta is the physiotherapist of the players but what is Prithvi doing. This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update

She decides to go to party. Karan finds Prithvi and Preeta walking to him, he was enraged and grabs another shot of drink. Prithvi presents Preeta with a flower. Karan slips from the chair but the girl holds him back. Karan was furious over Prithvi and calls him as a loser.

The girl asks if this is Preeta for whom he left her, now Preeta is leaving Karan for someone else. Prithvi meets with the Doctor and they both start to have a chat with each other, the doctor asks Prithvi about his business at which he says that he is a Don they all get scared, but Prithvi laughs and says that he is joking and has a lot of business but is interested in event management, he also praises Shrishti for her work.

Preeta sees Karan who is drowsing, she wonders what happened as he hadn’t drank anything but he had so much to drink in such a short time, when she is about to Leave Prithvi stops her asking her if she invited her boss to their wedding, she says no as the date is not fixed, he also agrees. This Is Fate 19 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Manisha is with Karan and says that she will bring a lemon drink for him to have as this will help him with his hangover, but he says that he doesn’t want to, she mixes something in it and forces him to take it.

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