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This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

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This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update On Zee World Series

The episode starts with Prithvi walking and Sherlin calls him in the corner saying that she feels dizzy and is not feeling good, he asks her as to what can he do as there are a lot of people here and he cannot lift her.

She gets mad saying that she does not want him to carry her but just wanted to say that she does not feel good and then starts to say that he is always speaking of Preeta and her family and has maybe lost his interest in her and does not want to be with her.

When she is saying these things the he sees Preeta coming towards them. Preeta decides that today she would clearly ask Prithvi if there is a relation between him and Sherlin. If he denies she would inquire about the photo she found in Sherlin’s room.

This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update

Sherlin and Prithvi were standing together but Sherlin stood behind a wall, she was at once alert and hides herself.

Preeta was about to ask Prithvi but Shrishti comes there and tries to stop Preeta. She drops her phone and recognizes Prithvi wore the same worn by the man she had seen from under the door.

Rakhi comes there calling them for party before Preeta could now speak to Prithvi. Sherlin comes to Rishab who notices she had been sweating and unwell. Everyone was called on dance floor.

Preeta danced with Karan, Rishab and Shrishti danced together while Sherlin and Prithvi had a chance with one another. Sherlin was irked that everyone was looking towards Preeta only. Prithvi also feels jealous that Preeta is staring at Karan.

This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update

They switch positions, Shrishti comes to dance with Sameer now. Rishab was happy to get a chance and dance with Preeta after long. Karan was dancing with Sherlin who feels nauseatic all at once. She leaves the hall. This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update

Rakhi, Karina and Chachi follow Sherlin to washroom. Chachi was suspicious that Sherlin is pregnant and asks if she has a relation with Rishab? Karina wasn’t ready to accept this. There, Karan was shocked to hear the news and leaves from outside.

This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

In the room, Karina blames Rakhi for giving her the freedom to interfere in their personal matters. Preeta asks Kritika how her hand was burnt, it seems a bruise as if burnt.

Kritika asks if she would lie to Preeta. Preeta says she feels so. Karan comes calling Preeta and takes Shrishti along to speak to them.

Chachi wasn’t ready to shut and was sure Sherlin would agree she is pregnant. She says anything can be hidden in this world but not the pregnancy, she must accept it was a mistake.

This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update

Outside, Karan tells the girls that Sherlin is pregnant. Shrishti was determined that they will break her relation with Prithvi. Preeta insists she would only accept a doctor’s report. Karan says Chachi is an experienced girl. Preeta wasn’t ready to accept and suggests there is a possibility this is Rishab’s child.

Karina defends Sherlin and tells Rakhi to make her Chachi understand well she shouldn’t say this in the party. The guests in the party doesn’t personally know Sherlin and this will bring them disgrace only. Karina wasn’t ready to question Sherlin at all and takes her.

Rakhi joins hands to Chachi and says Rishab knows his limits well, he can’t do any of such acts.

This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series

Karan agrees to Preeta that there is a possibility Sherlin may be pregnant with Rishab. Preeta was thankful that at least Karan understood her in life for the first time. Shrishti hurries to decorate the cake trolley for ceremony. Karan stares at Preeta for a while then walks away.

Rishab asks Sherlin if she is fine, she replies she is better. Karina leaves. Rakhi comes to the party upset. Rishab wonders if someone scolded Chachi.

Sherlin says it was important, he goes to look after her. Karina tells Sherlin that Rishab is just like his mother and respects elders a lot, she shouldn’t have said this in front of Rishab. She confirms Sherlin if she is really pregnant, because if this is so she would also be helpless. Sherlin refuses in front of Karina.

She then deliberately spills a drink over her dress and goes inside. Prithvi follows her in the room and was concerned about Sherlin’s health. She tells Prithvi casually that she is pregnant. Prithvi asks whose child? Sherlin slaps him.

She firstly clarifies to Prithvi that she isn’t pregnant, and if she had been only Prithvi must be the father to her child. Prithvi was relieved and says Sherlin must only have got acidity.

This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update

Prithvi is yelling at Sherlin that she should not be pregnant and it is not right for their mission and they cannot execute their plan without it as otherwise if Rishab finds out then he would not accept her as he is not the least bit interested in her or her child and would not accept her. When they are taking suddenly a waiter arrive to inform that everyone is calling her down for the cake cutting.

When they arrive Rakhi tells Shrishti she can’t cut the cake without a knife. Shrishti hurries but Sherlin intead leaves as this house is about to become her house, Mahesh jokes if Shristhi ordered the cake keeping in view her height.

Everyone laugh. Upon returning, Sherlin fell down and everyone including Rishab comes and try to wake her up.

Karan asks Rishab in surprise and confusion if he had some relation with Sherlin, Rishab hearing this gets angry and says that how did he say this and did he not know his brother.

He is not this kind of a person, and he is a person who always upholds his values and will do just that in this case also. Karan asks him to vomit with him and they are going to the hospital Rishab asks Sameer to drop Sarla aunt and then Shristhi says that they will also go with them, They leave.

In the hospital Chachi is determined on telling Mahesh that Sherlin is pregnant but Rakhi and Karina are trying to stop her. She does not listen and eventually tells him that she is pregnant hearing which Mahesh gets surprised.

And Karina gets angry and starts yelling at Chachi that does she not have any manners and who is she to come to this conclusion as she is neither a doctor nor a person with any medical background.

But she keeps on repeating the same things and when karina gets frustrated with her she also says that she will not leave the room until she hears the news that Sherlin is pregnant.

Prithvi is on his way to the hospital and is really frustrated at Sherlin for her carelessness saying that show and she be so dumb because she had to take care for herself, he gets in a roadblock and feels that he will not get to the hospital.

Sherlin is trying to call Prithvi but he does not pick up and she also gets frustrated, Karan goes to him and he shows him his phone saying that he is calling his mother Karan asks if he has two mothers as he is calling mother 2 to which Prithvi says that his mother has two phones, Karan says that he really wants to talk to his mother as he did not let him talk the pervious time, his phone rings again Rishab also asks him to attend the phone to which he says that he says that it is some business client and he will talk with them after he is finished with them, when he leaves Shrishti thinks of calling Sherlin and goes to Karan informing him that he is talking with Sherlin as she just tried her phone and she is not picking up.

This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update

Prithvi picks up the call. Sherlin asks him if he is not going to yell at her to which he says that she should say it straight forward and asks what those dizzy feeling were. He suddenly sees Karan behind him in the mirror and dodges him talking rubbish in the mirror, When Karan is about to leave Prithvi calls him asking him if he was spying on him.

Karan replies that he only came to turn his suspicion into truth and he is sure that Prithvi is not the right person, he says that he does not need Karan’s character certificate to work and he is very much confident that he is a good person and will not be a happy person when he is around as whenever Karan is around him he feels that spikes are hitting him in his heart, Karan says that it is because he is not on the straight path and that is why he feels this way and he is honest and truthful and does not feel ashamed to hearing this.

This Is fate 1 April 2019 Update on Zee World Series.

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