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Tips to reduce child molestation and rape (For Parents)

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Tips to reduce child molestation and rape (For Parents)


A week ago a 13 Year old girl was found pregnant but she didn’t know who impregnated her.But I will tell you the truth she was raped by a family member or someone nearby and threatened not to report.

When Doctors conducted tests on her they found she was not a virgin meaning someone had been sexually abusing Lillian Mapulanga (13).

Just yesterday another story of 13 year old Philiness Womba who was staying with her uncle in Lusaka ring road area was found raped and killed.

Listen my fellow Women, if a man can remove the diaper of a 2 days old baby clamp the little baby’s feet and rape her what would stop them from raping a 13 year old little girl??

The quicker we realize that we are living in a rotten society, the better for our girls.

The truth is the girl child is not safe anywhere so what should we do as women to help our little girls.

-Teach our girls to fear the night because that’s when most predators lurk and wait for the victims.

-Teach our girls what is inappropriate behavior so that they know when someone is touching them wrongly.

-Seriously teach our girls some defense mechanisms that have helped several girls.

-Sex education is very important for our girls.

-Teach your little girls not to be trusting around men of any nature.

I encourage you this morning my dear women that be vigilant and hide your girl child in your skirt, each one of us must device our own skirts that will help protect our daughters, nieces and sisters.

Don’t be careless and trusting for as we speak some mothers are still stitching the wounds of their little girls.

Don’t be that women who hides such disgusting acts under a carpet to save your marriage or family think about that broken girl child.

Tips to reduce child molestation and rape (For Parents)

As a man don’t be that man who undresses in front of a 10 year old girl and without shame commit the act.

Don’t be that neighbor who knows that abuse is happening in a particular house and you close your ears to the cries of a girl child.

Don’t be that police officer who takes a bribe and let’s the perpetrator walk free.

It looks simple until your own little girl is affected be vigilant and don’t make your child one of the 2019 statistics.

No one , I repeat no one can protect the girl child more than you the mother, (*the father, the brother), the auntie, the cousin the sister please wake up!!!

Shared by FIDA Bayelsa

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