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“Its Bondage” – Alex shares her experience wearing a waist trainer



“Its Bondage” – Alex shares her experience wearing a waist trainer

BBNaija reality star, Alex Unusual took to social media to narrate her experience with a waist trainer. According to her, she doesn’t know how people endure such bondage all in the name of looking sexy.

She wrote:

“First time,I had to stop at an eatery close to my house and ran to their rest room to take it off. Second time I sat for 10 minutes and took it out in front of people. Trust me, I tried to endure but it kept screaming “I’ll kill you”I’ll try waist trainer again for the third and last time today. Let’s see if I breathe. I don’t know how people endure bondage. That thing puts hands on my neck, threatening to strangle me. I even have headache.”

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