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BBNaija 2019

#BBNaija 2019: Big Brother Naija show is madness – Governor’s brother says

#BBNaija 2019: Big Brother Naija show is madness - Governor's brother says

As the outcome of  Big Brother Naija 2019 audition day 1 surprised everyone, people have also aired their views on the insignificance of the popular TV reality show in Africa.

Here is some evaluation and comparison from Moses Oruaze Dickson, brother to the executive governor of Bayelsa state, Hon Henry Seriake Dickson.

He wrote:

Big Brother Auditions and the dumbing of Nigerian Youths.

Over 36,000 youths showed up at the Big Brother Naija auditions in Lagos alone on a working day. 36,000! That is the size of a mini stadium. Just in Lagos alone. Not to talk of Enugu, Abuja, Port Harcourt etc.

As early at 3am, youths of all ages were gathered at the audition centers across the country for a show that adds zero moral value to us as a nation. Many people were reported to have fainted, lost their personal belongings, all in the name of being on a show to show nudity, sex, fights etc.

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As sad as this may seem, more than 60% of the crowd do not have their PVC and a higher percentage would not come out to vote.

Are these the future of this country? Are these the people who would lead this nation in 5, 10 years? I guess not.

The old politicians have mastered the art of distraction. If they are not using the youths as thugs, they are using them as social media propagandist, empty portfolio PA(s) and SA(s) or creating an environment like ASSU strikes, and breeding idle, jobless and powerless young people.

We need to wake up!


What is your evaluation on this piece?

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