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How to begin and succeed in the year 2019

How to begin and succeed in the year 2019 by Chidi Obasi

How to begin and succeed in the year 2019

Praise God, 2019 is finally here. It comes with less task and great expectations. But it will be fruitful when its agenda is planned very well and executed diligently.

Apparently, every successful achievement comes with hardwork, and standing out in 2019 you must have a roadmap so as to take delivery of every projects.

How can I begin my 2019 and successfully achieve all that I have set aside? Here are few guide to direct you succeeding your 2019.

How to begin and succeed in the year 2019

First you must have agenda, picture and project for 2019. How do you see 2019? How do you want it to be? These are questions you must answer for yourself. Once you have the answer then you a step ahead of your success. Remember, without a picture there is no future. What you see in your picture is his your future would be.

Secondly, you need to aligned with your creator, God Almighty. What does He wants you to be. Are all your dreams and aspirations with Him? If yes, then a step further to your success is here. How do I know that what I have planned for 2019 is possible and inline with God’s purpose for me? As Children of the Almighty God, believers of His word, Bible should be our compass. Joshua 1:8 has the answer to all questions once you follow it up.

Finally, put your faith to work. Remember, Faith without work is DEAD. Do not procrastinate your future, set the ball and make it roll. Hit it at the very right time. Until you see you dreams achieved then you must not keep calm. Also know that without God Almighty it is impossible in 2019.

How to begin and succeed in the year 2019

When you start well you will end your 2019 well.

Be bless in Jesus name, Amen.

– Chidi Obasi

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