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The Controversy over the true identity of Jubril from Sudan



The Controversy over the true identity of Jubril from Sudan

  • The Controversy over the true identity of Jubril from Sudan

Over the past year, the identity of Jubril from Sudan has been on the search since Nnamdi Kanu allegedly revealed before he was attacked by the Nigerian Soldiers in his hometown, Afara-Ukwu, Umuahia Abia State.

Some who have been inquisitive to know the difference between Buhari and Jubrin or Jibril from Sudan on daily basis search google to know the true story if the impostor in Aso Rock (doubled Buhari) as alleged by Nnamdi Kanu is the true story.

The Identity of Jubril from Sudan

While searching, some want to see Pictures of Jubrin of south Sudan, others search, Who Is Jibrin from Sudan? With the previous photos making rounds on the internet shows that the so-called, Jubril of Sudan is something to reflect on.


Nnamdi Kanu who resurfaced in Israel month ago has once again established that it is actually the doubled Buhari who is in Aso Rock with some photos released via Radio Biafra Facebook group which has over one million people.

Nnamdi Kanu unmasked Jibril From Sudan

The question is, how can such conspiracy be allowed in a country with over two hundred million people? And if it’s false as many of Nigerians believe, of what benefit is derived from such propaganda.

Well, time will tell, all questions and searches on the internet like, ‘Who Is Jibrin from Sudan?’,
‘I need Jubrin of Sudan photos‘ ‘Jibril Sudan’, ‘NnamdiKanuu reveals who Jibril of Sudan is’,  ‘Pictures of Jubrin of South Sudan’

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