Read Savage Message Cee-c's Team drops for those talking about her

BBNaija 2018: Cee-C’s team dropped a savage message to those continuously talking about her. The message was posted on her officially recognized fan page this morning. It reads;

She will not put others down to shine.
She will not talk about others to get attention.
She will not do the most to stay relevant.
She will not keep singing ill of others.
She has a lot to say, do not take her silent for granted.
She won’t bring herself low to discuss the past.
She apologises and moves on, but they discredit all she does.
She is a Queen,
She is a Success story,
She will shine, she will conquer.

Read Savage Message Cee-c’s Team drops for those talking about her

Big brother is over and people still talking of HER, if she is not missed or important they should desist from mentioning her for just 2days and see how less important they become!
TeamCeece we will not give in to pressure, we are strong, classy successful people who know the TRUTH and will stick to our TRUTH, ignore people and cheap talk, let us ignore paid ads, forced communication, forced condescending conversations, talk is cheap.
Well obviously you all won’t survive without her name on your lips 😅

She is their king. They keep showing how humble they are to her THRONE!!!!! Cee-c’s Team indeed wonderful!

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Read Savage Message Cee-c's Team drops for those talking about her


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