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Ex Beauty Queen reacts to Amassoma killings – Graphic Photo

Ex Beauty Queen reacts to Amassoma killings - Graphic Photo
As social media is been flooded with reactions from the Amassoma killings which has led to death of Students, Indigents of the host community, the ex beauty queen, Face of Nollywood 2014/2015, Sandra Chinonso Udeh also has poured out her heart of grieve towards the crisis.

The Beauty Queen stressed that Citizens have lost confidence in those representing them, noting that they are after their stomach. They have been monetized factionalized, politicized and hijacked By Politicians. Amassoma killings will not be forgotten in a hurry!

Read her post below;

Ohhhhhh Nigeria!!!!!!! Ohhhhhh Bayelsa!!!!!The people Representing us are Busy Representing their Stomach!!!!They have Been monetized factionalized,politicized and Hijacked By Politicians.They don’t say the Truth Anymore. They promised to Protect Us yet they are the Ones killing Us😭😭😭😭😭😭We have been called Hoodlums Because we are fighting for Our Right.What have we done to Deserve Such Treatment. Is it a crime to Go to School?Class 2014 have Graduated in other School here we are in NDU Because of the Wickedness Of Men.GOLIATH of Bayelsa!!!!!!Shame on the Media Teams!!!!!Shame on Our Politicians!!!!! RIP Eze😭😭😭😭😭😭We love You❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ex Beauty Queen reacts to Amassoma killings - Graphic Photo

Ex Beauty Queen reacts to Amassoma killings – Graphic Photo

Meanwhile, another Facebook user by name Comr Atti J Moses, took to his page to condemn the act of killings in Amassoma. Below he posted;

Nigerian Youth Parliament South-South Caucus Press Release :

The Nigerian Youth Parliament Condemns the Unprofessional Method Applied by the Nigerian Police in controlling the Amassoma Protest which has led to the death of Students,Youths,the Community Vigilante Chairman, with so many hospitalized and internally displaced.

Firstly we as a Parliament we condole with the friends and families of the decease and victims of Amassoma Protest Yesterday and secondly we want to condemn the Nigerian Police for engaging Protesters in a Combat instead of using Peaceful methods in dispatching them.

The Policemen that shot the Protesters should be properly investigated and brought to book without any further delay and the Press Release from the Nigerian Police denying the deaths in the community is totally uncalled for and ungodly

I want to also call on Students and Youths in Amassoma to tread with caution and not allow themselves to be used as a means to an end even in the cause of their Agitation but explore more diplomatic and peaceful means of engaging the Appropriate Authorities and quarters to drive home their Point.

Furthermore I want to call on the Relevant Authorities to do the needful so as to avoid further deaths in the community because a lot of Persons are now aggrieved both in the side of the Government,school management, Students,Youths and Victims of the civil Service Reforms.

Violence as never solved any Problem in Nigeria and Particularly Bayelsa State, instead it mostly leads to destruction of lives and Properties and it will create a cocoa farm for Conflict-entrepreneurs, hence I am calling for Peace in all quarters.

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