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Governor Dickson is Godsent to Bayelsa state – Hon Solomon David



Governor Dickson is Godsent to Bayelsa state - Hon Solomon DavidThe words of Hon Solomon David while addressing newsmen during a meeting he held with the women wing of the PDP Youth Alliance in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State. He said that, Governor Dickson is a God sent to the land of Bayelsa State and the Ijaw nation.

Hon Solomon David, the State Coordinator PDP Youth Alliance Bayelsa State has said that Governor Dickson is a gift of God to Bayelsa and the Ijaw nation. He said, just as God gave His only begotten Son Jesus as a gift to the world to save man kind, so, has God given Governor Dickson to us all.

While Jesus was yet on earth, they never new His value, and so, they despised Him, mocked and shameful took Him to the cross. But today, the whole world is worshiping Him because they have known the truth. You can bury truth but it’s just for a while!

The ground cannot contain truth forever; it will surely come out without any human support. I’m not surprise if any man rises up against Dickson. The earth doesn’t like good people because of the wicked nature of man; they want every man to resemble them. But thank God for Governor Dickson who has distinguished himself from this trend to be committed to the development of Bayelsa State. The Restoration projects are quite perceptible and seen by everyone.

Bayelsa today, can be proud of an Airport, Sea project is in progress, the three Senatorial roads network, uncountable metropolitan road networks in Yenagoa city, the constituencies model boarding Schools all over the State, the Ijaw national academy and the over hauling of the education sector, cannot be over emphasized.

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In terms of appointments, he is second to non. He has appointed a myriad of youths into the main stream of government, women are given the privilege to serve in his government as never before. The youths are no longer dying any more. The creeks are no longer hostile, there is an absolute peace in the land today. What else would a follower expect from his leader? The primary duty of God is the security of man.

Today, If everybody dies, who will you lead? A King without followers is not a King. Governor Dickson has touched the heart of God by securing His people. He has an unparalleled antecedents for security among the Governors in Nigeria. He has put the economy of Bayelsa State aright.

The syndrome of one man amassing all the wealth has been sent to oblivion, I mean the payroll fraud that crippled the economy of Bayelsa in the past. He is so transparent in managing the resources of the State, prudent in financial management and devoid of financial impropriety. He has also built an Ecumenical Centre for the Christians in the State to show that he is of God.

There is total peace among the Executive, legislative and the judicial arms of the State today. The grass root politician Hon Solomon David, noted that, Governor Dickson has really dealt with Security challenges, infrastructure, Education and human capital development. He is the only Governor in the history of Bayelsa State that has appointed so many youths into positions of trust and Bayelsans will for ever remember him for this.

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Today, Bayelsa we knew eight years ago, is no longer the state we knew. What else will one needs or wants from a leader than these? Who is that man that can do all things at ago or in one time? Even God didn’t create the world in a day. Then how do you expect a human like Dickson to develop the State in a day. Please, let’s all support the Restoration government of Governor Dickson to collectively develop the State. It is on this note, the PDP Youth Alliance, Bayelsa State Chapter led by Hon Solomon David as Coordinator has taken up the responsibility to preach the the gospel of the PDP led government. Touching all nooks and crannings of the State to continuously vote for the PDP government to continue her good leadership at all levels of government in Bayelsa and by extension, to Nigeria as whole come 2019.

Governor Dickson, you have indeed made your party PDP proud! Thank God you never disappointed the party. The State Coordinator and the entire host of the PDP Youth Alliance of Bayelsa, and the entire youths are by this, passing a vote of confidence on you. May you live long to finish your divine assignment on this earth in Jesus name!

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