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BBNaija 2018 Day 67: Cee-C and Khloe’s Unholy Alliance

Day 67: Cee-C and Khloe’s Unholy Alliance
Cee-C, and Khloe seem to have formed an alliance of some sort.

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It has been quite intriguing to Khloe and Cee-C getting along as much as they have been, given their highly tensed past. Both ladies have been known and mostly heard clawing at each other as a regular fixture. Curiously and regardless of her immunity, Khloe did not Nominate Cee-C for possible Eviction this week.

The Gossip Mill
As usual, the conversation revolved around the behaviour of their peers in the House. Cee-C claimed she had consistently been poked in the House yet nobody had been able to tell her what she had done to offend them. She seemed to be either unaware or unwilling to acknowledge any criticism, and by now this probably confirmed that is was her line of fire from the start. Forever discreet, Khloe’s sidekick Rico had joined in the concentrate of gossip session. Yet he looked out of place and appeared to be more like Khloe’s third wheel as he had his inscrutable face on during the chatter. Rico’s silence could have perhaps been caused by the fact that he had put Cee-C’s up for possible Eviction.

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All Wires Crossed
Increasingly so, the House has been divided and Housemates holed up in different corners carrying on conversations that are ironically similar. On the other side, in the Dressing Room, Alex and Tobi were also going on about Cee-C. Even though they had both agreed they didn’t want to talk much, they still kept talking endlessly about her. After a while the trio of Cee-C, Rico and Khloe moved to luxury bedroom and made themselves comfortable before beginning another round of conversations but this time about their careers after leaving the House. Khloe started with a pep talk, and urged them not to under estimate themselves. Cee-C shared that she had dabbled in property sales and even food selling.

Yet the chatterboxes went on and on this time about former Housemates Teddy A and Bambam, and didn’t notice that Rico had drifted off to sleep. Khloe and Cee-C’s coming together is akin to a wolf in sheep’s clothing calling a lamb guilty. Trouble is both are wolves that like to act as lambs.

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