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The truth why Biafra agitation, Anti-Open Grazing Law is opposed

Biafra agitation in the south east were seriously and violently opposed to the last and not treated with caution as citizenry opinions were not considered. Every opinion should be treated with caution as it is the right of the individual.

The issues bothering us is how matters are treated. The way Boko Haram is treated is not the same Biafra agitation,  Herdsmen killings and other issues concerning human rights and responsibilities.

Its quite disappointing that when Biafra agitation rises in the east it was attacked with all federal might to deal with Nnamdi Kanu and others. Soldiers went out unusual to get the issues rested. Should the approach used on Biafra is applied on herdsmen killings it will settle the rising killings.

 Ortom had before now wondered why some persons were opposed to the Anti-Open Grazing Law 2017 of Benue state, recalling that when Zamfara state enacted Sharia Law no one resisted it.

The governor stated that the main objective of the meeting was the arrest and confiscation of some cattle in breach of the ranching law, saying the state government had agreed to release the cattle to their owners after the payment of fines as stipulated by the law.

What they really want is dominance. This is the truth.

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